WordPress and Web Hosting – 2 Important Things to Start Blogging Seriously


The Blog Tyrant who sells blogs for 20,000 US$ says:

“Beginners are really afraid of buying their own web host but it is the most important thing you will ever do.”

Perhaps the reason is that search engine spiders tend to ignore your site if you are using a free webhosting platform. And secondly, a free webhost may terminate your account at any time without any prior notice.

But the problem is that like any other product that you are going to buy, there are hundreds of varieties of the same thing available in the market. Here is where webhostingclue.com enters the scenario. It is a site where you will find information for the best web hosting platforms out there.


Although the sign up links provided in that list are affiliate links but webhostingclue.com provides a neutral, unbiased and well researched data. The site is run by a group of professionals who have more than ten years experience in the web hosting industry.

Besides, if you sign up through those affiliate links then you will get a discount which you will not receive if you buy the web space by directly visiting the respective website.

People who are blogging gods, people like Darren Rowse and Brian Clark use WordPress. Considering the considerable usefulness of WordPress, Webhosting clue have devised a full section of Best WordPress Hosting where they have ranked some web hosts on the basis that how do they operate with WordPress.

The site also has lists of ten other best blogging platforms like Joomla, Drupal etc. See the image below.


Some of the special features of the site are:

Top Stories Now – This section deals with the latest news on discounts available on some of the web hosts.

Top Ten Web Hosting – As said earlier, this section will provide you with the top ten web hostings of the year 2011, available on the net. The list contains the rank of each web host, information about basic features, information about advanced features and link to a well written review.

Web Hosting Coupons – Discounts can be obtained either by following the affiliate links or else by obtaining the web hosting coupons. See the image below.


Use the respective coupon code to get the respective discount for the respective web host.

News – The news tab directs you to a page which discusses things about the latest happenings in the web hosting niche. This page is almost daily updated by the very knowledgeable owners of the site.

It won’t be wrong to say that the site www.webhostingclue.com is like an encyclopedia of web hosting. Do take a look.