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There are two main sites of WordPress. They are and Many people find them when you want to get used to working with WordPress but many ones also have misunderstandings between them. In this article, we will give you some differences between these websites. This will make you work with WordPress more effectively.

Now start!

At the first time you reach the website, you will get to know the main benefit can offer you: The best place for your personal blog and business site. Automattic is the father of then with this site, you can own a WordPress site immediately without configuration and host renting. The fee for owing a domain is about $25/year, which seems affordable for almost the users.

There are still some disadvantages when you use The first is that you cannot use external themes besides free themes available in library. Extensions are the same. That is the reason why WordPress is only ideal if you are new-bie or amateur website builders.

If you find WordPress boring, you may fall in love with Here is the place where you can download the WordPress resources and modify everything as you like. This is usually called WordPress Self-Hosted. Of course, you need to manage everything by yourself.

With, you can add any themes available on the internet, install any extensions and use any domains you like. This is highly recommended for someone who wants to have a unique WordPress

In conclusion

You do not have large knowledge about WordPress, is for you. On the other hand, if you want to be style and have a good understanding of WordPress, is the best solution.

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