How does a Website work on the Internet?


Before embarking on making your WordPress website available on the internet, you should have a basic knowledge about the operating mechanism of a website in the internet environment. In this article, you will have an overview and simple understanding for the next steps of your life.


How is a WordPress website operated on the Internet?

You can install localhost and WordPress on  localhost then realize that WordPress source codes downloaded from will be placed in the localhost folder in order that we can run the path http://localhost/. A WordPress website will be operated by its source code, which is being executed in localhost and additional data will be stored in the database you have created in phpMyAdmin from localhost installation.

This localhost will be called as host. Here is the place for you to store the source code and database of your WordPress website.

However, localhost is only a virtual environment simulated in an individual computer to support us to run the source code which needs translating (WordPress uses a language translator named PHP).

If you want your website to be accessed freely on the internet, you will need to put the source code and database on a dedicated server which is connected to broadband Internet. The professional software should be installed to allow users all over the world to access your website.


Host is known as a small storage space on a dedicated server – Shared hosed. Every host package will be connected via an IP address and it will have directory hierarchy á localhost. In WordPress, the host will have a trong role in translating PHP code in the WordPress source code, receiving queries from users, storing data in the database ad sending the data from the database to the user.


We must need a professional name for your website and this will be called domain. Firstly, you need to know that the domain name is a world-wide-web address in form of You need not to use www because this is accepted. ‘.com’ is the tag or extension. There are many different extensions such as: .net, . info, .org… Above all, ‘.com’ is highly recommended as it is very popular nowadays.

The domain has to resolve the IP address to have users access to data in the host (website) via the name of domain.

To sum up, here are some basic definitions and the operating concept of a website in the internet environment. We have tried our best to make them easiest to understand. In the following article, we will give out more tips about how to buy domain names and how to start up your website.

Thanks for your reading!