34 Best Web Design Blogs One Should Follow


Web design blogs are very precious “friends” of many designers because, by using them and reading the posts, anyone can stay updated with the latest news. These blogs contain lots of very helpful tutorials, in depth articles which may substitute the courses of different teachers and impressive inspirational resources. Definitely, nowadays it is hard to imagine a specialized web designer not using at least one blog.

Their number is increasing daily and the good news is that also the quality is higher and higher. The competition is harsh, each blog must have good traffic in order to monetize it, or else the work invested isn’t compensated financially. Many web design blogs are monetized, bringing pretty decent profits to the owners. Before starting to launch a new web design blog, I highly recommend using the next blogs to check how they are organized, what kind of information is supplied and many other small secrets.

Also, in my personal opinion these are the best blogs related to design and there are tons of resources that can help you become the best web designer ever seen. I apologize in case a very good blog is missing from this list and I strongly emphasize that there are other very good ones but it was impossible to present all. I invite the readers to submit their favorite blog, please use the comment form for this.

The blogs below are here because they provide tutorials, in depth articles and inspirational posts and not only a single category (i.e. psdtuts is an amazing blog but here there are 90% only quality tutorials, so I haven’t inserted it below). Enjoy them!

1.Smashing Magazine


This is probably the best web design blog and only a superficial look is enough to understand why. First of all, the articles are very detailed and everything here is written to help the readers. Vitally Friedman is the editor-in-chief and one of the most influential web design bloggers in the world. The blog is a huge collection and the PageRank 7, reveals that it is the best.

2.Instant Shift


Another capital blog which has web design as main topic is InstantShift. The articles provided here are also of high quality, I recommend the inspirational posts from here, the selection process is done precisely but the results are amazing. The in depth articles treat many adjacent domains, from social media to professional writing being full of useful pieces of advice. Daniel Adams, the chief editor amazes me every time I contact him by the fast and straightforward replies I receive; I must admit that the professionalism is his number one specialty.

3.A list apart

A-list -apart

This blog has a simplistic design but the content is very informative and it usually requires the full focus of the readers to understand the posts. Personally, I consider it mostly addressed to the advanced designers; this shouldn’t scare away any entry-level folk to visit it.



1stwebdesigner is a very complete blog and the navigational menu offers a perfect classification of the articles. Another positive aspect is the style of the posts which are also for specialists but at the same time there are amazing tips for amateurs.



I added this blog here specially because of the balance between the types of articles, they all are presented enough to assure a nice reading, learning and practicing.

6.Web designer depot


Both previous blog and Web designer depot are well known because these were launched at the beginning of the blogosphere exponential development and the visitors, along the time have become trusty visitors. The particularity of the Web designer deport is the comics of the week, a pretty unusual type of post but it may offer a nice recreation.



After few months of lack of new posts, AEXT is turning into a top-class blog as it previously



It is another high-class blog, offering a large palette of subjects, all related to web design. Definitely you should visit it; it is more worthy than speaking about it!



When I visited it, the design make me say “wow”, the new redesign is a masterpiece. I used to consult Noupe, but in the last time I have neglected it…shame on me. The articles are all the work of good bloggers or specialized designers, I have only good words for them.



Hongkiat is another place where is better to visit than speak, it may be catalogued as part of the crème of the web design blogs and I am waiting for new useful tips and quality resources.



I may be subjective because I am a good friend of Paul Andrews but his “boy” is another trusty source of information. Speckyboy offer posts about design but at the same time the developers may find interesting tips about CSS, jQuery, JavaScript even Windows Mobile here.

12.Six revisions


Do you want to find out something about design? Simply land here and search, it is impossible not to find something useful.

13.Vandeley design


When lacking inspiration please visit Vandeleydesign and due to the amazing inspirational posts you will reach the full potential of your creativity again.

14.Crazy Leaf Design


The blog is full of various posts, sufficient to make it a useful bookmark. I am impressed by the nice logo and the discrete search box, so even the design of the blog is impressive.

15.Spoon Graphics


The owner of the blog is Chris Spooner, a well-known web designer and reading his posts must be very useful as his works are awesome. Check it, Chris has a very familiar style and you will love the blog.

16.Web Design Ledger


For only 7$/month anyone can access amazing works and, for free, he may read high quality posts. The simplistic design allows for the full focus of the reader for reading, almost nothing to distract the attention. Consequently, reading is a pleasure.

17.Web Design Booth


The tips from here are too high in quality to neglect them but (once again, personal opinion) the design doesn’t guarantee the best conditions for reading. Maybe some modifications regarding the font used would make it better?



Logolitic hasn’t reached its apogee, but the post contained recommend it as a very good place to document and get inspiration. As a strong point, I consider the collections of tutorials, always rich and updated.

19.Inspiration feed


Inspirationfeed is another very interesting web design blog having a pretty unusual positioning of the posts into the layout. Check it; definitely, you won’t waste your time.



I like this blog because it collects posts which are related to other adjacent domains (it’s not the only one) but it treats also freelancing, which is a good solution for designers to gain some extra money or even to make a living from.



A complete source, it is worth checking out and I am sure you will never be disappointed by the posts from here.

22.Design Informer


DesignInformer is offering quality in depth articles so if you want to learn something go here. It is part the work of Vitaly Friedman, the man behind Smashing Magazine, I think it is an enough reason to take the blog into account.


orphicpixelIt is still a “young” blog but be sure, the posts aren’t written by amateurs. I see it as a promising blog but the team of Orphicpixel must work hard to reach the classification as a “top-class” web design online presence.



The articles from here have a common length and the quality is good but designerfix impresses by the inspirational posts which cover all the design domains. What should you know is that each inspirational list contains at least 50+ images, clearly inspiration lives here.

25.Design Reviver


This blog guarantees a very balanced ratio of publishing tutorials, inspirational showcases, news about web design and development and the quality of these is high.

26.Fuel your creativity


Fuel your creativity don’t assure the quantity and the topics of the blogs from this list but it’s really a boost for inspiration. Clearly, someone who is still searching for inspiration can find here what he needs.

27.All web design resources


If you are interested in remembering what was interesting in 2005 in web design then this is the best resource. The blog contains an amazing number of useful and interesting posts, it deserves to be visited and don’t worry about the designs which remind me about the old times of the Internet. It will be better also to keep it updated!



I really like this blog because it offers a large perspective to the designers, from the effective design to some basic posts about SEO. Personally, I consider that a web designer must guarantee the design but it’s highly important to know very well what development and SEO mean.



It’s pretty similar to the designora, the same useful and interesting posts, the major particularity of design modo is the special category dedicated to motion graphic, an original idea.

30.Design beep


It’s the work of a good friend of mine but the utility and quality of the posts made me to consider that I am not subjective, Design beep merits its place in this list.



I am also friend with Aydan, the owner of the blog but 100% Skyje is a good blog and it didn’t reach its pick. This one must be carefully watched; as I know the team behind the blog they surely will make a reference source for web designers. Good luck!

32.Design Dazzling


Design Dazzling offers a large palette of subjects and the posts are interesting; it is a “younger” online presence and it’s considered very promising.

33.Web and designers



A clean design, many interesting pieces of advice, lots of tutorials, good writers…are there needed other ingredients to have a good blog? I don’t think so…