Understanding the Coolest Web Design Ideas for 2012


These days, the websites are much more than some simple informative pages which allow people to find different useful things. The truth is that many business owners have already developed some truly cool-looking websites which can help them to add value to their business images. And this is the reason why we can find numerous great websites that make us affirm: “Wow! How did they do that?”.

Well, if you also intend to find out how to create a truly professional-looking website, you should know that these days, many IT specialists are working to develop new techniques and HTML codes which can help you to build a unique, splendid website.

Discover the Latest Web Design Trends

The truth is that similar to any other IT niche, the one that relates to web design shows some spectacular advancements that are able to amaze many individuals and specialists. Therefore, what you must know about the latest trends is the fact that they highlight the following propositions:

Responsive Functions: The web design is about to become truly responsive. This thing relates to some new functions and capabilities which are introduced in its infrastructure. The concept, which relates to a fully responsive web design, is still quite new. This thing indirectly means that we might not get it in 2012. However, the developers will definitely impress us with these capabilities very soon.

Circles: None can deny the fact that web design presents a few steady trends. One of these trends is the so-called “circles”, which are some effects that can be completed with the help of the CSS3 feature. This feature is capable to create some truly fancy box effects which can easily compete against any rounded corners and drop shadows desktop-based effects.

New Menus: The latest web design ideas are proposing users some new menus which come along with multi-column choices. The multi-column alternatives are ideal especially for those websites which must handle numerous links. These new menus allow websites’ owners to keep core links at the top of their pages, which actually improves the overall web experience.

Vector Art: The vector art is also about to change. The new codes and formats allow people to create some truly adorable mascots which are ready to claim their own spots on various virtual pages. The “big vector” illustration work is quite new although the concept which relates to its basics has been around for a few years. These days, the website creators are ready to cheer up their boring cyberspaces.

HTML5 and iQuery: This new formats are finally able to enhance the user experience with bonus animations and fancy aesthetics. These new code formats allow website builders to create some truly outstanding effects with fewer code lines than before.

New Banner Graphics: As you might already know, the website designers are proposing a variety of banner graphics these days. If you take a look over the web, you are able to find numerous tutorials which help different people to create unique page bookmarks, banners, and ribbons.

Slab Typefaces: Although slab typefaces have been recently introduced in web design, they can help you to create a great web page, which highlights a wonderful graphic. Moreover, slab typefaces are essential in order to convince the readers to check specific website sections.

One-Page Layout: This function actually requires you to remove the unnecessary lines from your content. It is essential to bear in mind that most readers only scan the content, without actually reading it. This thing indirectly means that you have to create some short texts that can attract the readers to check your website. However, it is important to know that one page layout fits the personal web designs much better than the corporate ones.

Infographics: Although this element does not affect the web design of a page, it is related somehow to the overall user experience. And the truth is that the new elements, which describe infographics these days, have changed the new-age media. Thanks to these elements, the consumers are capable to get any information they want in a truly easy-to-consume way.

Font Faces: You can change any CSS styles by getting the Typekit tool, which allows you to write custom fonts into the CSS. By choosing a specific font, you can easily create a new look for your website.

Oversized Headers/Logos: If you wish to impress your website’ visitors, you can use oversized headers or logos. However, if you intend to use oversized elements on your page, make sure that you do not use too many. In most cases, the oversized graphics are meant to attract the attention of your readers with regard to specific website elements.

Hand-Drawn Designs: For example, if you intend to develop a website for an artist, the best thing that you can do is to get hand-drawn graphics. You can even choose software which allows you to create your own design. This way, you can be sure of the fact that your creation is unique.

Typography: The web designers have also developed some new typographic trends. The truth is that in most cases, the designers are afraid to use new fonts in order maintain the usability of websites. However, you can use different fonts to create a twist where it is needed. Moreover, you can modify fonts to fit your purpose. Although typography is quite new, it will definitely become a very important component of websites.

Simplicity Remains the Key: In order to give customers quick access to different virtual points, you should definitely choose intuitive but simple interfaces. The more elements your interface provides, the more time it takes to download. This thing can convince a part of your visitors to choose another website, which provides similar products and services but faster downloads. Therefore, if you want to stay on top, make sure that “simplicity” remains the word which describes your website.

By applying these web design ideas and many other alternatives that you are able to find over the web, you can definitely create some truly wonderful web pages, which present the unique touch of the future. Thanks to different website and graphic design company designers and developers, jumping into the latest trends is easier than ever before.