Top free Joomla templates you must have in the pocket


There is no doubt that Joomla is a common and effect open source for CMS, which allows you to create your own websites without asking for the help from professional developers. That is the reason why Joomla templates are scattering all around the world then you find it difficult to collect the best of them. Today, we have achieved that for you. We will give out a list of the top well designed and coded Joomla templates which you should pick up then keep in your pocket. Now check them!

ZT F7 | Demo & More info – This small and clean responsive template from ZooTemplate are carefully designed for the small business and people who have no idea about code.


JSN Mini | Demo & More infoYou will be surprised with the design and usability JSN Mini brings back.

JSN Mini

CleanLogic | Demo & More infoThe Responsive template is so clean and clear that you may fall for it at the first sight.


Magazine | Demo & More infoMagazine with its great features will give you a modern blog. Enjoy it!


ZT Marco | Demo & More info  – Modern in design and tidy in mind, ZT Marco is the best choice for a small business, an agency, a designer and so on.

ZT Marco

Purity | Demo & More infoHave Purity means having almost everything: personal blogs, complex Joomla projects, business portfolio blogs…


AT Arrowzex | Demo & More infoThis template consists of Home layout, more than 58 module positions, 11 module styles and more.


Favslider | Demo & More infoThis responsive template can display fabulously on every screen: PCs, laptops, tablets, phones…


Favourite | Demo & More infoFavourite can be compatible with Joomla 3.3 or more.


ST Orddie | Demo & More infoOne of the easiest Joomla template too develop and control with the nice view and rich features.


AT Tahoma | Demo & More infoThis is built on Avatar Framework but have improve more for multi purposes.

AT Tahoma

Avatar Simple | Demo & More infoAvatar Simple is offered as a perfect outfit for small businesses basing on white color.

Avatar Simple

ZT Shield | Demo & More infoThis free Joomla template can achieve great tasks on any categories.

ZT Shield

JF Calla | Demo & More infoHere is the best home place for all of your artwork.

JF Calla

ST Hexagon | Demo & More infoST Hexagon can be used for multi-purpose such as: journal, project, portfolio, studio and so on.

ST Hexagon

JM-Lifestyle | Demo & More infoJM-Lifestyle will give you a good wide range of samples of custom solutions to make viewers pay attention.


Beauty salon | Demo & More infoIf you are owning a beauty salon, grab this template!

Beauty salon

Valera J3 | Demo & More infoYou will be easily impressed by the clean and unique appearance of this Joomla template.

Valera Z3

The Kraken | Demo & More infoMany unique slider experience, effects, visuals are offered in this latest responsive template.

The Kraken

TX Zenith | Demo & More info Using Zenith is one of the easiest way to build up your own business site.


Proto | Demo & More infoYou will find many new techniques in this template, such as: HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.3+, jQuery…


Cirrus-Green | Demo & More infoCirrus-Green is most suitable for business or organization websites.

Cirrus Green

SJ Joomla3 Template | Demo & More infoThis responsive template is well designed for portfolio and art work.

J3 Joomla template

DesignCanvas | Demo & More infoThis template can be seen as the Joomla template for new era.

Design Canvas

BT Arise | Demo & More infoYou are finding for your market, consulting or business targets, find Arise at first!

BT Arise


This is our collection of the best free Joomla templates you must have in the pocket. We will continue updating this list to help you build up an attractive professional site. If you have any wonderful things else, please let us know by commenting bellow!