Top 7 Web Design Trends to bloom in 2015


When time goes, taste also changes a lot, therefore, trend in designing a websites also reveals many new things. Let’s look out to see top 7 trends that every web designers cannot ignore.

Huge, full-width background images

When users first come to your site, it always must be your background images of the homepage to attract them first, in just not enough a second. And a photo is worth thousands of words, let the background alongside rich typography and subtle parallax effects, so that it can be as impressive as possible. It is the most expected trending in this 2015.

ZT Retro
ZT Retro

Responsive Design

2015 is expected to continue with many more awesome smart devices, therefore, your websites also have to flow the stream, browsed easily, detect and automatically adjust to best fit the screen size. Therefore, responsive design always plays an important part.


Card-based design

Tile design continues to bloom in this year since cards are the easiest way to for content to fit on different types and sizes of screen

Video backgrounds

We see this trend appears in 2014, nonetheless, it actually peaks until 2015. Video background is the ultimate experience portraying emotions, and touch much efficiently than picture. Let HTML video that can be embedded in HTML page.


One-color dominance.

It is foreseen that many more websites will use this trend. Strong accent on one color puts emphasis and makes it far more memorable and compatible with the brand.


Very Large, bold typography

It continues prove to be hot in this 2015, just because it is straightforward, dynamic and effective to every eyes.


Interactive journey

By playing sound, connecting camera and microphone, allowing interaction and storytelling based on the viewer’s actions you set much more interaction between your site and visitors.

There are some opinions about some more trends to look out in this 2015, however, our above collection is those hottest and surely will turn web performance to next stages.