Top 20 plugins in October 2014


In more than 1 year, I have kept recommending the best free WordPress themes that I collect monthly. However, there are so many requirements for recommending the top WordPress plugin because of the numerous quantity of current WordPress plugins.

Therefore, this month is time for me to start a plan of marking the useful WordPres plugins except from these plugins that I mentioned in list of the most popular plugin including the premium plugins.

Free Plugin

WP Emoji One


This is the latest plugin which helps to insert the funny icons into website. At this moment, the number of icons is more than 840 units and some features similar to the ones of Facebook. Is this various?

Tiny MCE Emoticons


This is also plugin for inserting funny icons into website but supporting you 3 set of animated icons that are so interesting and funny.

WordPress Front-end Editor


If you want to update the content of an article without linking to the back-end page, I recommend this plugin to directly edit the content at the font-end.

Plugin Organizer


If you install so many plugins in your site, which prevent the speed of loading, this plugin is a good choice for you to increase the loading speed because you can arrange which plugin is loaded first, which plugin is loaded after or which plugin is loaded in mobile browser.

Unsplash WP


If your usual demand is beautiful and high quality images to insert into articles, this plugin UnSplash WP is quite useful. The plugin displays the images at the project UnSplash – the project sharing the high quality stock images that are completely free and have legally copyright.

WordPress Comment Fields


If we suppose that comment box of WordPress just support customer to fill the necessary information such as Name, Email and Website. With this plugin, you can create other fields so that the customers can fill. You also can choose the field and then, it will automatically display in comment. If the comments of your theme is written following the standard WordPress code, this error almost never happen.

IP2Location Country Blocker


If you want to prevent some nations accessing to your site, this plugin will give you the solution in simplest way. You can block someone access your website or Admin page.

Easy Opt-ins For Mailchimp


If you use Mailchimp to create Email Marketing for your website but have not known how to insert the form of email registration into website in the most proper way, this plugin will help you to make an opt-in form inserting website in simply but eye-catching way.

Short code Star Rating


Look this article, you can see the star rating for each tool. I use this plugin to create it, which helps you insert rating star into article through short code SEO Auto Linker.

The free plugin is recommended by WordPress.Com with the function of automatically inserting link and keyword. The function of this plugin is similar to SEO Auto Link but interface is more intuitive and supported to automatically insert one part of content into title of link.

SEO Redirection Plugin


If your website has many things need redirecting, this plugin is a good choice. If you have knowledge of Regular Expression, it is more useful because you can install automatic redirecting on many links. In addition, it also supports many types of different redirecting and automatically redirecting when meeting 404 error page. This plugin is even compatible with Apache and NGINX



A quite good plugin if you want to increase traffic for your website if it has many images is indexed on Image Google, so the visitors have to access your site to see the raw image. Of course, all other sites uploading the images from your site gets this error. This is a useful way to prevent from copying because no one wants to copy one article with the pictures like this.

OnePress Image Elevator


If you always take screenshot or upload images from PC to an article, this plugin is new strong weapon for you. The plugin’s function is automatically uploading image on article which you copy into clipboard. For example, you put button Print Screen on PC, then paste into draft frame, the miracle will happen

Or if you use the other editing tools like Snagit, Photoshop, Skitch… just create and copy. This also means that you just copy image from other websites and then paste into drafting frame, the images automatically appear.

This plugin has a Premium version with some extra functions as rename images, compress image.

Speed Booster Pack


This plugin helps you to improve the speed of website by adding more effect LazyLoad for images, using JS library of Google, moving Javascript to Footer… and many other functions. You just install plugin and do not need to edit in spite of having many options.

Mashable Sharer



You just need to insert sharing button as Mashable into website

Master Slider – Responsive Touch Slider



This plugin will help you create 8 different styles of slide to show images on website with a professional style. What I like most at this plugin is that besides supporting Responsive and multi touch, it also creates a complete slide by some clicks, the rest is just changing images and use short code/PHP of each slide inserting into your post and theme.

Premium Plugin

Monarch Social Sharing


This is new plugin of Elegant Theme which is launching in some recent days. The function is inserting the social share button that is so eye catching, supporting Responsive and count subscriber on social network.

File List Pro


If you plan to create a small site to publish library of file which you allow members to download, this plugin helps you to manage these files which they can directly download and support to file searching.

Smart Content Protector


Plugin prevents copying by prohibiting select and see the code source of website by Javascript, can block keyboard shortcuts of normal OS like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

If the visitors is intend to turn off Javascript, they can right click but cannot select. The outstanding point of this plugin is that can choose group of member, for example with Administrator, this plugin will be disable.

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin


If you want to change default layout of website from standard form to grid form but are not good at code, this plugin can help you a lot. It supports you creating a layout to display a list of articles with more than 30 different themes which is easy to use and compatible with Woocommerce to display products.