Tips to Make a Killer Portfolio Website with ZT Two


Whether physical or online, Portfolio is your career calling card. It is the showcase of yourself, including: your skill, your experience, activities, potential capability with the future work and so on.  When there are some wordless rule in presenting an attractive, professional and accessible portfolio, we now want to show you how to make a killer portfolio built on ZT Two Responsive Joomla Template that powerful supports you to make an outstanding portfolio.

It is considered that both usual visitors and your employer want to see an impressing and unique portfolio. It does not mean that you have to make it sophisticating with fully skilled technique and information, on the other hand, it should be simple, clean, uncluttered and easy-to-navigate user experience. Catching that point, ZooTemplate has built this Joomla template in the simple but smart, good-looking but friendly -using style, which suits the predicted trend in designing website of 2015.

To support for all above required features, ZT Two Portfolio Joomla template supplies you with many options:

Fully responsive

That enables your all images, blogs, and everything of your portfolio viewed nicely on large monitors, laptops, tablet devices, and smartphones.

Larger slider

Full width layer slider with a lot of visual effects, ability to add as many slides as you want, plus with unlimited fonts and colors allow you to attract visitors to your background picture.


FontAwesome Icons

Gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized size, color, drop shadow, and anything else that can be done with the power of CSS. It powerful helps you to make a logo both unique and clearly visible.


Parallax mega menu, Off canvas menu, HTML 5, Bootstrap and LESS

To make your website a grid system which is seemed to be a must have feature. Consiquently, your website is not only organized, easily digestible, alluring and pleasant to look at but also ensures web experience and visualization.


Dynamic typography

Ror an artistic and creative website, however, everything must be legible and consistent.


7 individual page

Another dedicated importance we put on ZT Two is that it includes 7 individual page to help you have a perfect content: About us page, portfolio page, contact page, blog page, easy blog for more interaction and service, feature page and shortcode page. EasyBlog is a product of ZooTemplate partner:  Stackideas and if you would like an EasyBlog page in your portfolio, Stackideas will give out a 20% discount code


SEO Extensions

To boost your organic rank within in the search engines.


A Great number of Extensions

to add as many pictures as possible. As ZT Two is designed especial for creative work, we know that make your portfolio as a gallery is so important, we provide free ZT Porfolio module on our free Joomla downloads section:


Besides all above technique requirement, to persuade your employer and visitors with a perfect portfolio, you also have to consider some things like:  Curate the portfolio, Only pick your best, Sneak in some self-initiated  work, Select eye-catching images and more. And what we would like to stress here is that you had better stay in the clients’ position and update the portfolio frequently.

Well, you may already be overwhelmed with the notes above. But bear in mind that hard work is always a prerequisite of success.