SEO Writing Tips for 2015


If you are an online marketer, you know that the formula behind an excellent writing involve many more things than just good grammar, decent image. It may includes many things, however, we are here, would like to introduce some most effective tips that if you use in a smart way, we are pretty sure that you will have a better content with higher ranking.

Plan ahead. Use a calendar

Plan is seldom useless , and in content marketing, content calendar is always necessary. You have a plan, you can easily visualize everything you need and want to complete for the year.It lets you plan around important dates, identifies gaps in your strategy, and maintains publishing consistency and forces you to research your keywords and topics.

Use SEO-friendly software

Take a comprehensive approach to developing a high-quality, user-friendly web experience and so on

Audience- Oriented first

Bear in mind that, what you are writing is always supposed to audiences. The best way is that let you in their position to understand what they need ad want from your writing. However, not too concerned, because it can even lead to writers block and stiff content.

Be Elaborate

There should be 1500 words or more upon writing because long, in-depth blog posts seem to perform better than short ones in SERPs.

Be surprising in content

People pretty like surprises, so formulate new things then turn your posts much more amazing.

Telling more stories

It is way to engage more emotional aspects of the human brain. And let your story like a conversation between you and your friends

Effective keyword

Use words that people actually interested in and actively search for, otherwise, you will not gain much traffic.

Break text with sub-heads

Sub-heads from H1 to H6 will help organize your content and highlight most important keyword. It is also means Google check your content.

Use lots of data

Number and static are always catching eyes and easy to remember than word. However, it does not mean that you can use too much.

Add optimized pics

If your images are optimized with  alt text, descriptions, keywords, .. they will result in boosting SEO and traffic

Use more verb in sentences

It is found that verbs seems to perform better than nouns in social media posts and other forms of web content. Use and customize them effectively.

Include enticing snippets.

The meta description, along with your page title, is what makes users click through from SERPs.

Check keyword density

Keep keywords not over 1% of the whole because too much keyword can lead to over-optimization penalties.

Site links

Link within your own site allows search engine to crawl your site easier and better. Besides, link to other trusted external links.

All above are tips that we suppose to be most must-have technique in making web content. If you have any more, share them and help this post more complete!