5 Rookie Mistakes of New Affilates


Every newcomer would make some rookie mistakes and new affiliate is not an exception. Such mistakes are due to their lack of experiences and sometime lead to serious consequences. However, worry no more because, ZooTemplate have counted and found the solution to some of the most common mistakes of the affilate newbies. Check it out now to prevent your own dead-end result on your very first steps.

1/ Selling rather than helping

Affiliate is a part of marketing. However it is not all about marketing on the ground that selling is the responsibility of the sale pages which our affilate links lead the reader to.

Newcomers of affiliate often mistaken their job as the seller which leads to the fact that their pages would be filled with words and links that screams “BUY THAT NOW” or any other cheesy lines for selling, Not suprisingly, the visitors to such pages finds this annoying let alone being pursuaded to click on those advertising links.

The solution to this is that every affilate should consider their role as an unbiased reveiwers who show the reader whether they should make decision to buy the product or not. If the product is not worth the deal, it is your job to tell your readers. This may sound useless however it may gain your visitor trust and next time they would come back and be convinced to buy the product you suggest

2/Jumping in Too Many, Too soon.

It is easy for new affilate to be overwhelming when first coming to the field. As the result, they would like to make money as soon as possible and become an affilate for multiple products or services immediately. Whereas, it is a total waste of time.

It is better if you contribute all of your time, effort to one or three products on the ground that, your research about the neat market for such products or any stategy would be more efficient because of your careful preparation as an unbiased reviewer – a type of work requiring time to pay off.

3/Not checking who are you working with

Remember that you are working online – an unreal world, and thus the chances that the company or sale pages you are working with would sell unreliable products, are pretty high. A newcomer to scene is often a victim of those sale pages due to their lack of experiences. Therfore, a little research or preparation about the sales page backround is very neccesary.

ZooTemplate’s affiliate program or RiverTheme’ affiliate program are two of the prime example of trustworthy provider with free to join policy for your references.

4/Do not understand On Page SEO

Some affiliates don’t know where to start when it comes to on page SEO and nobody can blame them. SEO at times can be intimidating for new webmasters and it is difficult to find all the right information in one place. The good news is that top ranking affiliates are easy to find in the search engines so you know they are doing something right and you can learn from it. Aside from their link campaigns most of these affiliates do the basics right for on page SEO while many others make many mistakes along the way. Below is a few items for your pages and add the level of importance of each from low, medium, to high.

Page Titles [high]: Use the H1 tags to be what the article is about

URL structures [medium]: keywords in the URL is more helpful than a bunch of code that is unreadable to the user. That being site.com/casino-bonuses is better than site.com/page67

Description [medium]: Fill this in and in 150 characters describe what the page is about

Keywords [low]: many sites have this blank but it helps to have it

H1, H2, H3 tags [high]: H1 is what the page should be about, H2 is less important and H3 even less. You should have the H1 titles part of the page title.

Images [low]: blackjack-table.jpg is better than file006.jpg and always make use of alt text.

Content [high]: If your page title is 32Red Casino review then the user should expect to see those words somewhere in the content.’

5/Quit your day job

Don’t quit your dayjob just yet. Seriously, too many beginners see a bit of money rolling in and walk away from other sources of income before its time. That’s not the way to do things. Use the money you earn to grow your online business then transition when it makes sense. One good week of earnings doesn’t mean its time to quit your job.

Above are 5 rookie mistakes of new affilate. Of course there are many mistakes you could make when you are a newcomer, however we hope that, we have just helped you to prevent your pages from being inefficient by avoiding those wrong strategies. Affiliate program is a good tool to make money online, do not ruin this tool because of your lack of experiences. Now check out our affilate program and start making online with trust worthy providers!

If you have any other idea to share with us about mistake of affilate newbie, it is always our pleasure to receive your feedback