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Peter Jaworowski is a featured artist of a day. In this array of posts, we will spotlight gifted artists trimming from illustrators to striking artists all a approach to industrial designers. These daily posts will offer dual purposes; first, is to showcase a works of these achieved artists and a second is to enthuse all of we artists and designers out there, in elaborating art by courteous sell of technique inspiration. Tune in daily to see who a subsequent artist of a day will be…who knows, maybe we could be a subsequent featured artist!

Peter Jaworowski is a Graphic engineer formed in Warsaw, Poland. His margin of imagination are in Digital Art and Advertising . To stay adult to date and find out some-more about Peter, check out his Network.

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Newport Beach Film Festival 2011

Ideas Books – Flashing Marylin, Agassi Elvis

Mercedes-Benz – Lease Go

Samsonite – B-lite

Nike – Footlocker 2010 Apparel

Nvidia – 3D Your PC

The Witcher 2 – Duel

Nissan – Prove It

Avatar – The Game

No Strings Attached

Visa – Go

Diesel – Only The Brave

Discovery Channel – Deadliest Catch

Wrigley’s – 5 (Cobalt)

Vitamin Water – Trash Talk

Positive Hype

MadInSpain 2008


Martini Asti – Elements

Nokia L’Amour

Nike – City Motion

The Red Bulletin – Singapore

Playstation 3 – This is Living