Our Free Magento Extensions…So Far


For those of we who are new to a blog I’d like to take a impulse to uncover we a competely Free Magento Extensions, what they do and how to get them.

Here during E-commerce web design we feel thankful to assistance a Magento Community in as many ways as probable – building Free Magento Extensions formed on problems in a Magento formula or opportunities that we have speckled for all a forms of businesses we rise Magento sites for.

We suggest downloading a extensions from Magento Connect as whenever we refurbish a extensions if we have downloaded around Magento Connect we will be told of a latest updates.

Here is a round-up of all a extensions so far!

Free Shipping Incentive Extension

The giveaway shipping inducement allows we to mention giveaway shipping in a back-end of your Magento site – all we need to do is enter your smallest subordinate cost and a prolongation does a rest! You will see a new retard seem in your left/right mainstay that will calculate a remaining volume left to spend in sequence to validate for giveaway shipping.

You can download a files from a Magento Free Shipping Incentive page or download Free Shipping Incentive from Magento Connect.

Mass Landscape Shipping Labels Extension

The Mass landscape shipping labels prolongation allows we to mass-select your orders/invoices and name from a drop-down “print shipping label”. This saves a director a pursuit of entering any sequence and copy any shipping tag individually.

You can download a files from a Magento Shipping Label Extension page or download Mass Landscape Shipping Labels Extension from Magento Connect.

Dynamic SEO Sitemap Extension

The Magento SEO Sitemap Extension is a many renouned prolongation during a moment. It renders a new page that automatically lists your CMS pages and Categories and Sub-Categories automatically as we emanate them. This is a valued choice to a clunky magento categories sitemap that comes by default.

You can download a files from a Dynamic SEO Sitemap for Magento page or download Magento SEO Sitemap from Magento Connect.

Optimised Contacts Page Extension

The Optimised Contacts Page prolongation enabled we to set meta information and other association information on a customary contacts page of Magento. Normally this page is a large emanate as it is not as customisable as any other CMS page. This prolongation creates your life easier for customising and gripping this critical page ranking good in a hunt engines.

You can download a files from a Optimised Contacts Page Extension page or download Optimised Contacts Extension from Magento Connect.

Order Before X Extension

The Order Before X prolongation enabled we to set a time when we can offer a certain graduation – such as subsequent day delivery. The prolongation afterwards shows a countdown time until that time – requesting to your site a clarity of coercion for checkout. The prolongation also comes with customisable content and a choice to invalidate a prolongation from arrangement on certain days.

You can download a files from a Order Before X Extension page or download Order Before X from Magento Connect.

Optimised Product Addition

The Optimised Product Addition prolongation private a fiddly pieces from a “add product” underline in Magento. It sets as default a product to “enabled” sets batch to “in stock” and there is also an initial underline that attempts to auto-increment your SKU margin if your database works with it.

You can download a files from a Optimised Product Addition page or download Optimised Product Addition from Magento Connect.

Latest Tweet From Twitter

The Latest Tweet From Twitter prolongation does accurately what is says on a tin! You can enter your Twitter username and it will squeeze a final 1-10 tweets and arrangement them in a sidebar. You also set modernized options in a admin area such as displaying links in your tweets and opening links in new windows.

You can download a files from a Magento Twitter Extension page or download Free Magento Twitter Extension from Magento Connect.

We will continue to emanate Free Extensions all a time and we’d unequivocally like to hear from we if we have an thought for an prolongation or only a problem on an existent site that an prolongation would be suitable for – as prolonged as it will assistance others with a same problem of course!