Making online shop with two wordpress themes from


Nowadays there are many choices for you if you want to run a business, or if you want to make profit by selling something. Making an online store is a good idea  and it is widely used because of its advantages: you won’t have to pay any money for renting location, you can reach and communicate with millions of customers even when you are at your own home… But to succeed in online store is not easy. The first thing to make that sustainable success is from the quality of your products. Because it’s an ONLINE store, it is very important to create a useful, beautiful and wonderful website.

Ri Smilax

There are some ways to make a website, and building site with WordPress is one of those. WordPress was originally created for blog, but now it can be used for all kind of websites: business, portfolio, or charity… If you are going to set up an online store, don’t miss WordPress themes and its amazing featuresThere are many themes which are built with WordPress Platform. Ri Max and Ri Smilax from is two of the best choices for your online store. There are many great features coming from both of them.

Responsive web design


These days, hand-held devices are very popular. Your customers may use their smart phones, tablets to access your website. So it is important that your website has to automatically adapt with any kind of size of the devices, or in other way, your web has to be RESPONSIVE. Both Ri Max and Ri Smilax are designed with the concentrating on that feature. With Ri Max and Ri Smilax, your online store will look perfect and there is no images, no content lost. Your great products and its information will be fully and quickly transmitted to your customers even when they are using any kind of handheld devices.

Beautiful page



No one can deny that beautiful page attracts a lot of visitors and makes a contribution on raising sales. With Ri Max and Ri Smilax, you can easily create a wonderful and impressive website on your own with unlimited color skin, many beautiful homepages, themes…

Menus Supported


You have menu products and it’s really hard and complex to find one of them if there is not any updates recently. You don’t have to worry anymore because you can now add a beautiful Mega menu to Ri Max and Ri Smilax in just a few clicks. Have 1-4 columns, combine multiple submenus into a single drop-down menu, be full width, take any widget and have icons/images next to menu items. You customers will have an overview of your products.



Ri Max and Ri Smilax have blog where you can have your posts with videos and images. And by doing that, you can get much closer to your customers and your customers will know how you care about them. You can post the customer reviews that say how they satisfy with your products, and it is a great way to attract more new customers. There are more great features in both Ri Max and Ri Smilax such as: retina ready, box & wide layouts, awesome page builder, off-canvas menu intergrated… All of them will make a huge contribution to your online business.

Making an efficient and successful online business is not easy. Besides factors like quality of product, you will need more support, especially in interacting to your present customers, and creating impression on new customers. Ri Max and Ri Smilax can do it for you. Because simply they were born to support online business. So, don’t hesitate and hurry up to get this excellence from them. Surely they won’t make you disappointed.