Why I love Joomla templates


I have a love/hate affair with templates and in next week’s newsletter I’ll tell you why I hate them. All Joomla pages are displayed using a base file called a template. Free and commercial templates are available from various providers. You can also create your own templates if you know how and I will be producing some training on this process in the future. Let me tell you why I love using templates from specialist template providers when developing Joomla websites:

joomla templates

  • they provide inspiration: sometimes you’re not sure what to include on your site but with a template you can copy ideas from the developer
  • they have been extensively tested: they SHOULD work consistently across multiple web browsers
  • you can’t beat the price: commercial templates are around $40 whereas a unique design can cost 50 times more
  • you know what your finished website will look like before you begin
  • faster development time
  • additional features: providers often include extra features such as extensions and cool typography