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Joomla and Smartphones

Top smartphone contribution and total in 2011

At a Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Google announced:

“There will be an Android in each pocket”

I found no central clarification of a smartphone in comparison to other phones (feature phones) though we see 3 differences

  1. smartphones are always “on-line”
  2. smartphones have a browser to roller a web
  3. smartphones concede applications to have a low formation with a phone’s OS and hardware

The mobile marketplace for underline phones was/is focused on offered ringtones, games and other calm brought by a attention to a patron (B2C). The mobile markets (app stores) for smartphones yield a logistic for developers, authors and artists to offer their apps (Digital Distribution Platform). 

Mobile Content Management System

An critical element of a calm government complement (CMS) like Joomla! is a subdivision of calm from presentation. To turn a mobile calm government complement (MCMS) it should have  additional facilities e.g.:

Multi channel calm delivery (machine-readable web )

It should be probable to tell XML and an focus take this XML and delivers it to mobile devices.

It should be also probable that a mobile focus queries a MCMS directly. The MCMS responds with XML that is rendered and displayed by a mobile device. The expansion of this underline went from service-oriented design (SOAP, XML-RPC) to resource-oriented design (REST).

Specialized templating system (human-readable web)

The templating complement is used to broach a calm to a mobile device. Mobile CMS templates contingency be blending to a really far-reaching operation of aim inclination with opposite capacities and limitations.

There are dual approaches to bettering templates:

  • multi-client: a multi-client proceed creates it probable to see all versions of a site during a same domain (e.g., and templates are presented formed on a device customer used for viewing.
  • multi-site: a multi-site proceed displays a mobile site on a targeted sub-domain (

Location formed calm delivery

This underline is critical since it did not exist before inside a CMS. Depending on where we are, a MCMS can be used for e.g.

  • recommending events in a city
  • requesting a nearest business or service, such as a restaurant
  • receiving alerts, such as presentation of a sale on gas or warning of a trade jam
  • location-based mobile advertising

What is probable in Joomla?

A web calm government complement (WCMS) like Joomla is influenced by this growth and will be remade to a mobile calm government complement (MCMS) in a future. It needs to be able to store and broach calm to mobile inclination in several ways.

I had a demeanour in a Joomla Extension Directory and asked people around chatter how Joomla fits currently in a mobile world.

I wish to discuss that a examples are not selected since they are a best or a easiest solution. we only wish to give examples. we used a few of them, though not all and we am really meddlesome in your practice on these topics, so greatfully criticism on this article!

Multi Channel calm smoothness (machine-readable web )

Since a really beginning, Joomla offers a Syndication Feeds procedure to emanate xml feeds from content. These feeds can be used by many, many apps e.g. FlipBoard or Google Currents.

Concerning some-more worldly solutions we found a following possibilities for displaying a Joomla site on mobile devices:

Weever apps

You have to implement a plugin in your Joomla site, configure and capacitate it for mobile visitors. The caller has to entrance your Joomla site by regulating a browser on his mobile device and can thereafter supplement a “app” to his homescreen. It is not required and not probable to supplement a “app” into an “app store”. To make it good and easy for a visitor, we can e.g. use QR Codes.
Weezer AppWeezer App


iJoomer offers an engaging approach. If we need an app, we have to implement a member in your Joomla site. Than we can sequence “your app” by describing your mandate and compensate for building it. When ready, iJoomer submits your app to a AppStore and a Android Marketplace. Now we can publicize your app to your clients.
There are giveaway apps accessible for a tie to JoomSocial. It is probable to use it for mobile commerce together with VirtueMart.


General management

Another kind of apps are for a ubiquitous government of your Joomla site. You can write articles, upload photos and more.

Joooid is an Android customer for Joomla: it has been combined to tell articles with text, images, galleries and geolocated maps, we can also save drafts for after publishing.


JAM! Joomla Admin Mobile!
Another app like this is jAdmin mobile. You can emanate new articles, set titles and categories, upload images- all but withdrawal a app.
Joomla! Admin Mobile

Joomla! Admin Mobile

Specialized templating complement (human-readable web)

The templating solutions consists of a template systems that means a mobile template on one palm and a Joomla extension on a other hand. These systems are really absolute and embody mobile templates. The mobile templates can be divided by “clean” and “responsive” templates. The purify joomla templates are designed to work additionally to a site template. The manageable joomla templates are serviceable for a device including a desktop browser.

Separate templates systems

Mobile Joomla is a Joomla member and a mobile theme. The member has to be configured inside your Joomla site and thereafter a mobile thesis will be displayed to your mobile visitors. You can configure that subdomains shall use that themes and templates in MobileJoomla!
Mobile JoomlaMobile Joomla

Other examples with a same functionalities are

Mobile templates

Most of a template clubs offer their templates possibly with a mobile chronicle or in ubiquitous as a manageable template like joomlashine.

Responsive Site Templates

Responsive Admin Templates

Clean Admin Templates


It is engaging to see how many opposite approaches have been selected to make Joomla an MCMS.
Again, it is not my goal to hightlight a named projects here. we am researching that subject since we am starting to write a book about it

For this reason, we wish to inspire we again to criticism on this essay about your experiences, solutions, use cases and examples.

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