Joomla tips|How to Improve your Joomla site’s Ranking?


Achieving high ranking in search engines is the dream of website builders but not many people know the best effective ways to optimize their sites. In this article, some useful guidelines will be released. Some of them can apply to any types of website but some only adapt to Joomla!.

seo tips

  1. A high-quality Joomla hosting server for your site:  You can find for home servers or other cheap hosting servers but you will regret soon because your site’s ranking is much more important.
  1. A good sitemap: It is a good idea when you create a site map, generate link to it and update it frequently. An out of date is only a touch better than no sitemap so keep it informed as soon as contents are added.
  1. Keywords analysis: You should create your own list of keywords with Google Adwords or Google Trends. A small tip you need to remember is that ranking for less competitive keywords is much easier and more saving.
  1. Unique content: Your own content with you own blocks of words is always high recommended. Remember that copying content from other pages may make your site penalized by search engines.
  1. Page titles: Title tag is always highly considered by Google and other engines. It can be said that a good title plays an important part in your SEO ranking.
  1. Meta descriptions: Beside Page titles, meta descriptions are parts you should concern about. Putting a description which makes sense, ideally for each page will help your site optimized.
  1. Robots.txt file: You should optimize this file to allow imagers to be indexed. Open your robots.txt file then remove the images so that search engines are not prevented from indexing your images.
  1. Alt tags: Alt tags must be used for your images because search engines give these tags a lot of relevance
  1. Image dimensions: In order to make your website load faster you should allow the space to be reserved in the website everytime you upload a new image. The more quickly you site load, the more efficiently SEO can do.
  1. Google Webmaster Tools: With Google Webmaster Tools, you can receive reports on the condition of your site: “health”, errors… You can also use it when you attack on other search engines.

We are still updating lists of tips you should follow to optimized your websites, especially Joomla sites. So this will be a good idea if you can bookmark this article to your browser then check it frequently. Finally, everytime you turn up with new ideas, please feel free to share with us!

Thanks for your reading!