Interview with Kristina Halvorson


Content devise has increasingly spin a prejudiced of a web settlement examination and in immeasurable prejudiced due to Kristina Halvorson, who has spin a conspicuous ease footman and activist.

Kristina is a owners and trainer of Brain Traffic, an organisation specializing in ease devise and letter for a web, author of a groundbreaking book, Content Strategy for a Web, and a revisit orator during web settlement conferences worldwide. Over a past months, she and co-author, Melissa Rach, have been tough during work on a second book of a book that is due out on New Riders in Feb 2012.

Kristina took time out of her bustling news to pronounce with us about a elaborating star of ease strategy.

We interpretation Kristina for this prudent pronounce and tempt WDD readers to join in a ease devise conversation.

In your article, “Content Strategy and UX: A Modern Love Story”, we wrote, “What’s infamous is that we [content strategists and UX strategists]  are all are means to pronounce about shared principles; this is where a basis for a partnership truly lies”.  What is your remedy for how ease strategists and UX strategists should work together?

Content devise needs to be a prejudiced of a mindset of a web devise and we need to start pondering about ease from day one. We need to ask a right questions: what ease do we need, what ease do we have already, where does it live, who owns it, and who’s going to take caring of it?

Design has to examination a content, and ease has to examination a design. Content will interpretation settlement choices and designers have been seeking for a right ease all along. There’s a messaging component—what are users arrangement adult for, what are they looking for? We need to prioritize a ease elements so we stay on brand, up-to-date, and have a common libel between ease and design.

The second book of your book, Content Strategy for a Web is due out shortly. What are a critical differences you’ve seen in ease devise from a proclamation of a initial book to a second?

I can’t start to denote a ways in that a ease devise examination has exploded in a past confederate of years. At Brain Traffic we learn from a conversations any day and over time have advocated for a use of formulating a ease strategy.

In a second book of a book we pulled a lot of ease that is no longer germane and total a array of box studies and many some-more detail. We fleshed-out a devise and total a new model. Melissa Rach, clamp trainer of ease devise during Brain Traffic, co-authored a book with me and total many of a methodologies.

A few weeks ago we distinguished (and tweeted), “Google hunt regulation of ‘content strategy’ augmenting 156% in 2011 over 2010. Results for ‘content marketing’ augmenting 875%. Discuss.”  What do we make about these increases and a separate between these twin terms? Why in your opinion is ease offered gaining over ease strategy?

Content Marketing is a reign finished renouned by Joe Pulizzi and Ann Handley, and my ongoing pleasantness about ease is that we can’t emanate it yet strategy. Content offered is a tactic and when ease is not counsel strategically, for example. who it’s for, is it being delivered to a right people, how are we positioning it—
we need to have a examination about what do we need to do to accomplish not usually a substance, yet a front-end, back-end, workflow, governance, policies and fortify of content.

With pleasantness to stealing ease right—any sequence where we have a good browsing experience, what we see in a hunt results, gentle media, and you’re means to know who a sequence is, and are means to see that they’re benefaction and relevant.

Landing pages mostly get a lot of pleasantness yet intermittently all else behind it is in need of work. we examination it to a chateau that is brazen down—you can addition lots of coats of paint yet eventually we need to bargain with a anatomic needs.

Have updates and shares on gentle networking sites altered ease strategy? If yes, how so? And is this a good or bad thing in your opinion?

Content devise possibly it’s gentle media or mobile is a channel. It’s mostly experience-driven and functional. We need to ask what are a collection we’re controlling and ask questions such as can we re-use ease in another context, what is a voice and tone, and can we make it consistent? Content devise needs to flex and grow with a ensue it impacts a lives.

What are a many infamous skills that a ease strategist should have?

A ease strategist needs to be means to ask good questions, and be a good listener. They need to be a communicator by a find and devise slight and feeling during a square and workflow—the core ease strategy. They also need to be mediators, editorial managers and know a elements of user experiences.

What essentially brought we to work with websites? What keeps we there?

I started out as a copywriter in fabrication and catalogs. In 2002, we saw what a web courtesy was about and immediately preferred a people in a field, a conferences, and web designers.

I started letter for a web and looking during usability contrariety and a ensue users were interacting. It was by my possess venerate for a medium. I’m fervent about it. As a copywriter we became dismantled with a ease slight and a initial book of a book grown as a project-based outlook on what we saw that indispensable to be changed.

You have a blog and Twitter form for Brain Traffic. What was it about these platforms that creates them good choices to publicize about your company’s work and perspectives in a field?

The organisation started in 2004 yet we didn’t have a blog until 2009; a welfare was intentional. We couldn’t means it in a beginning. We take a eventuality unquestionably exceedingly as a ensue to relate with other people. In serve to a posts, we take comments unquestionably exceedingly and are intense to have such a good audience.

On Twitter, both @BrainTraffic and @halvorson, we curate content, indicating people to other posts, events, and pulling ease devise forward.

At one prove in time we listened a lot about Web 2.0. And in a past year or so we’ve listened a lot about docile web design. What do we cruise are a topics that we’ll be focusing on some-more in 2012 and beyond?

I cruise we’ll still be discussion about HTML5 and docile design. And we’ll be discussion about new ways to present ease cross-platform and around new technologies.

We’ll continue to arise a processes and emanate a common setting for how everybody can work with a copywriter from day one, for example. tech comm, marketing, UX, and business strategists.

What metrics should businesses be looking during to make certain that their web settlement and ease is as effective as it can be?

There’s unquestionably no one thing, it depends on what you’re confusing to do. Businesses need to feeling during event by sales and conversion, and all industries need to feeling during user satisfaction.

How do we ensue ease devise during Brain Traffic? What are some of your best practices you’d be pacific to share?

We’re kicking off a devise during Brain Traffic now for updating a website.  It hasn’t been updated in a while and essentially we were going to try and take some short-cuts. We guess we could do it in 6 weeks yet we quick saw that we indispensable to know what middle resources were available.

We’re now starting during a beginning. We indifferent a ease strategist, writers, and are pitter-patter into a believe of tide clients, looking during user comments, and asking—what do we need and how are we going to find it?

Do we use a ease supervision element during Brain Traffic or ones we advise for clients?

No, we work with people to code needs, what they need to do, and what ability sets are indispensable for a plain user experience. As Karen McGrane said, “Content supervision systems are a longing module that UX forgot.”

Interview by Debbie Hemley. Debbie is a blogger and gentle media aficionado. She works with businesses to arise ease and gentle media strategies. Read her blog posts on All a News. You can also follow Debbie @dhemley and on Google+

Has ease devise turn a partial of your web settlement process? Is your group articulate about ease on day one of a new project? What will need to occur to make that possible?