How Ruben Gamez Turned Bidsketch Into A Successful Online Business


Ruben Gamez is a solo owner of Bidsketch , an online offer program website for web designers. In usually a year and a half, he managed to take Bidsketch from a common side devise that he started while carrying a full-time pursuit to a full-time business that authorised him to quit his pursuit and suffer a leisure he has always desired. How did he do that? Today, Ruben shares his story with 1WD readers.

How Ruben Gamez Turned Bidsketch Into A Successful Online BusinessHow Ruben Gamez Turned Bidsketch Into A Successful Online Business

1. Ruben, maybe we could start by revelation us some-more about Bidsketch? What it’s about and how does it assistance designers?

Creating proposals are one of a many effective yet unpleasant things designers have to do. In fact, even yet it’s one of a best ways to get clients, some designers will skip this step given it can take so many time. we combined Bidsketch to be a fastest (and easiest) proceed to emanate veteran looking proposals. The reason it exists is to cut down on a time it takes to emanate a proposal.

“I assume that in sequence to build something like that, we have to know a lot about web pattern and freelancing. What is your veteran background? What were we doing before Bidsketch took off?”

Years ago we was a freelance web engineer and became flattering good during building relations and removing referrals to get work. we eventually got a pursuit handling a web expansion dialect for a association given we grew sleepy of always carrying to find new customer work.

Managing a web expansion dialect we was mostly in assign of employing outward pattern agencies so we was unprotected to a lot of opposite proposals from a client’s perspective. It was a good training knowledge given we was means to see how companies confirm to sinecure a pattern association and what arrange of proposals were a many effective.

“Did we devise to spin Bidsketch into a successful business from a unequivocally beginning, or was it a side devise incited into an astonishing success?”

Bidsketch started as a side devise so we didn’t pattern that it would grown into something that I’d be doing full-time. In a year and a half it had grown to a indicate where we was means to quit my job. we had medium goals so this was a finish warn to me yet I’m unequivocally beholden for how things incited out.

“How did we come adult with an suspicion for a Bidsketch? Why did we consider people will be meddlesome in something like that?”

I started meditative about building Bidsketch when a crony of cave came to me for recommendation about how to understanding with offer ask from a client. we explained what we knew about it and attempted to find him a template online and found a unequivocally old-school downloadable app that helped people emanate proposals. we attempted it out and it was flattering bad and not something that would interest to a engineer (since it was meant for corporate sales teams).

After that we checked a Google Keyword Tool that tells we how many people are acid for a specific tenure and found that it was something designers needed.

I knew people would be meddlesome in something that would cut down on a time to emanate unequivocally good looking proposals given it was something that we had wanted when we was a freelancer. It was also something we had listened many people protest about in a past so when we also saw that people were acid for a resolution we suspicion a product finished ideal sense.

“You had a good pursuit in a place where we worked for 9 years. Why did we confirm to rivet in entrepreneurial pursuits? Why build a business when we already have fast income from a decent job?”

I had a pursuit that gave me a paycheck yet we was no longer doing what we enjoyed doing. Over a years we had been promoted to where we was a comparison manager. we took a promotions given they meant some-more income that many people do. Unfortunately, some-more income meant some-more responsibility. we had no longer had leisure or coherence that is unequivocally what’s many critical to me (much some-more than income is).

“You had to deposit a lot of time, appetite and income into Bidsketch prolonged before we were means to see a returns. What finished we feel assured that we will be means to lift this off? Did we have doubts and if so, how did we understanding with them?”

I had many doubts via a whole process. Even now that it’s a comparatively successful product there can be days where we have doubts. we consider many people that have a business feel like this from time to time yet frequency speak about it.

I’ve found that articulate to people that know what it takes to build and run a business helps. Early on, we roughly gave adult on a suspicion given we was carrying difficulty removing feedback from people on web pattern forums. Luckily we emailed a crony who gave me some good recommendation and assured me that we should keep going.

“You built a business while operative in a correct day job. How on Earth did we find adequate time and appetite to do that? Do we have any advise for people who would like to build a side business while gripping their day job?”

It wasn’t easy that’s for sure. we fundamentally worked from 8pm to 12am many nights and worked each weekend for a few months. The problem was that we was perplexing to do too many things by myself; we was doing a design, programming, marketing, and blogging, that was exhausting.

Eventually we motionless to get assistance and start over by outsourcing tools of a product. we didn’t have a lot of income so we couldn’t outsource everything, yet a with that proceed we was means to pierce many faster that was super motivating.

So my recommendation to people that are doing something on a side while operative full time is to get some help. You don’t need a lot of income and we don’t need to be some consultant in outsourcing. Anyone can revisit a site like oDesk and post a devise to get some help.

“You managed to quit your pursuit eventually when Bidsketch took off. How did we know when was a right time to do it? What would we advise people who are using side businesses in regards to quitting their day jobs?”

I lowered my losses as many as we could before we quit by doing things like offered my automobile and removing absolved of several monthly expenses. we talked to my mother to make certain she was gentle with a idea. And once we had adequate to cover a vital losses we motionless to quit a job. we felt gentle doing so given each month we saw income growth.

I consider that people mostly contend they’d like to quit their pursuit yet mostly don’t do a things required to make that happen. First, we have to take action. Launch a product, it doesn’t have to be something big, usually start creation income on a side. Also, we consider it’s critical to consider about ways to reduce losses and cut a vital losses (think about automobile remuneration instead of expelling your daily latte).

“As many as many people hatred their jobs, they do yield a clarity of financial security, given we know that a paycheck will come during a certain time of a month. Wasn’t it frightful for we to contend goodbye to this?”

For me it wasn’t frightful given we had was already earning income on a side and it kept augmenting each month. So while there are no guarantees, earning income from a product where people are removing genuine value is many some-more secure than carrying a pursuit in my opinion. With a job, we have one paycheck and many people in a association can confirm you’re not indispensable for any series of reasons. If we consider about it, it’s a flattering unsure situation.

“Was a transition from a universe of normal practice to a universe of entrepreneurship difficult? What are a pivotal differences in mindset of a successful worker and a successful entrepreneur? What habits should employees who wish to turn entrepreneurs dump and what habits should they adopt?”

My transition was mostly easy given we was mentally prepared for a change. Working on a product and earning income on a side before quitting a pursuit let me get used to a differences slowly.

One of a pivotal differences in mindset have to do with time government we think. When we work for someone you’ll get paid no matter what you’re doing. When you’re operative for yourself, spending 2 hours regulating some HTML bug in IE is substantially not a best use of your time. There are many tasks that need to get finished yet it’s critical to consider about that are a critical ones that can usually be finished by you, and that ones are value spending a few bucks to have someone else do them.

If income is parsimonious you’ll have to do some-more things yourself, yet that’s a ideal time to start expelling tasks that truly aren’t necessary. Every prolific notation depends and we wish to concentration on a things that pierce a business forward.

As distant as habits go, we consider one of a some-more critical ones has to do with vouchsafing other people do a work. we know I’ve pronounced it a integrate of times already yet it truly is critical to stop perplexing to do all yourself; there’s simply too many to do.

Other than that, we feel it’s critical to make certain that your suspicion is to assistance your business be awesome. For example, we concentration on creation my business be overwhelming during flourishing their business. we do this by creation it easy for them to emanate proposals that stir their clients and win projects for them. This is literally how we consider about things. By holding caring of your customers, you’re assisting your possess business in a process.

“What are a pivotal things that we would do differently if we would have to start all over again, with a day pursuit and an suspicion for a business? What were a categorical lessons learned?”

I consider we would’ve started sooner. we took too many time to indeed start doing something to pierce me brazen and launch a product. It was something we suspicion about for a prolonged time yet never took action. It took me being unequivocally payable during work to pull me towards action. Unfortunately, many people tumble into this trap. It’s generally bad when people are gentle during work given they’ll expected never take action.

I finished a lot of mistakes in a routine of building and rising a product yet was still means to make it work. we schooled that diligence is unbelievably important. We’re all going to make mistakes, we usually need to keep relocating forward.

“Last, yet not least, is there anything we would like to contend to a readers who have day jobs or freelance careers, yet who would like to try entrepreneurship?”

Start with something tiny and have medium goals. If you’re extraordinary or have some doubts, try it out on a small-scale and see how it goes. Even if it doesn’t work out you’ll learn a ton in a process. More importantly, once we start creation income on a side you’ll see how your mindset changes.