Firefox 10 – the latest edition of the popular web browser


9 months after the announcement of a faster release cycle by the Mozilla Foundation’s servers appeared 10 version of Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 10.0 is much faster than before, because improved JavaScript performance. Also improved the appearance of the interface, which is now even easier to use.

Mozilla Firefox 10.0 automatically checks whether the user installed plugins are updated, resulting in significant improvement in safety. Supports the latest Internet standards, or CSS, DOM and HTML5. Your web browser equipped with new security features that improve comfort while browsing.
New, built-in Firefox development tools allow developers to change the appearance and functionality of pages in real time. Mozilla Firefox 10.0 now has built in support for Personas, through which you can easily change the look of the whole browser.

New Firefox Mozilla introduces a full-screen API for websites and web applications, allowing the building elements in fully utilizing the full screen capabilities such as full-screen games, videos and dynamic presentations. In this way Mozilla allows you to create online games that could easily compete with games for consoles.

It should be noted also that the release this version of Firefox starts a business line with a slower release cycle.