New experiences with ZT Revolution Slider, saving up to 25%


Extensions play an important part in building up your unique Joomla website. Just by applying a Joomla template then installing some useful extensions, your site will become really professional. There are a great deal of Joomla extensions for you to choose but there are some you need to consider if you want to have an amazing interface. Today, we are very happy to introduce ZT Revolution Slider – a must-have item for your site.

ZT revolution slider

You will have great experiences with ZT Revolution Slider because of…

Responsive layouts

This extension is responsive ready so it can be sure that your website will appear fabulous on every screen-sized device. ZT Revolution Slider includes multiple slider layout options: Fixed, Auto-responsive and Full-screen. That means you can both adjust the slider size with exact pixels and create eye-catching sliders filling the entire screen no matter which devices or browsers you use.

Media support

With this Joomla extension, adding text, images and videos never become easier before. Each of those media can be modified with unique animations, timing and style within minutes. One thing plus, more than each of media can be attached to your sliders, which makes your slider is really rich of information.

Easy configuration

So many options are provided so you will feel that it is very easy to create your own sliders. It allows you to choose your slide delay, slider location, navigation arrows, add margins, select transition, add media layers and more. You can find all of these powerful options in the drop-down menus.


ZT Revolution Slider can be purchased through Zooextension at the price of $45. That means you can save up to 25% (its original price is $60). This can be considered as a bargain for you to own beautiful sliders for your website.

There are many reasons for you to choose ZT Revolution Slider as one of your favorite Joomla extensions. If you are familiar to ZT Revolution Slider, do not hesitate to buy it now to save an amount of money. Otherwise, $45 is so affordable for you to have a try. Finally, please leave some comments to share your reviews. This will help the others a lot to choose the best Joomla extensions.