eBook: Cross browser solutions and considerations


Cross-Browser CSS3: Solutions and Considerations, by Louis Lazaris, is a restrict and rational stress for trade with browser inconsistencies in CSS3-based designs.

When conceptualizing and building CSS3-based websites, it’s common place to run into cross-browser challenges, generally when trade with markets and niches whose audiences are still controlling comparison versions of Internet Explorer.

In this eBook, Louis Lazaris discusses a factors that need to be counsel before attempting to use, or mimic, a CSS3 underline in all non-supporting browsers.

This eBook provides readers with long-term beliefs that should lamp their development, and provides large sources (including CSS3-based JavaScript libraries and plugins) to assistance developers make supportive decisions on what’s available.

All a information in a eBook is presented in a equivalent manner, with crafty caring for both advantages and drawbacks to any method, to guarantee that your projects are as fast-loading and maintainable as illusive yet sacrificing your brand.

The author of Cross-Browser CSS3, Louis Lazaris, is a writer, freelance web developer, and 10-year conductor in a web settlement niche. He blogs about front-end expansion on his site, Impressive Webs, and writes frequently for a array of renouned web settlement blogs. He is also co-author of HTML5 and CSS3 for a Real World, published by SitePoint.

The ebook is apart into 4 parts:

  • Performance and Maintenance, including discussions of speed and techniques to consider.
  • Universal Methods, including coverage of Polyfilling, a Modernizr Detection Library, CSS3 PIE, and Selectivizr.
  • CSS3 Features, including box sizing, extent radius, shadows, mutliple columns, opacity, and more.
  • Resources, including libraries, browser support charts, businessman prefix helpers, and more.