Should designers do personal projects?


As creatives, many times we feel like we can do it all, or we are put in a position to do it all. We typically take on a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ mentality, that can presumably assistance or mistreat us.

For some peculiar reason, there seems to be a discrepancy of sorts when it comes to doing a work for ourselves. Some designers feel like of march we should take on that Jack-of-all-trades mindset, while others usually feel like it creates clarity to pass a work off and let someone else do it.

The law is, they’re both good ideas though change depending on your situation. How artistic are you? What is your ability set? What kind of things highlight we out? All these questions should be taken into caring when last either or not designers should do their possess personal projects.

Keep in mind, that for a functions of this argument, we will contend that a personal plan is any form of work that contributes to yourself and your services. For example, we are articulate about business cards, websites, etc.

Yes, do personal projects

Doing your possess work can be intensely beneficial, generally if we are in a place where your customer work is delayed or we are usually starting out and need some things to keep we occupied. Doing your possess personal work from start to finish can infrequently be many some-more fun than customer work and can learn we a lot about yourself and your style. Keep reading to find out some reasons since designers work on their possess projects.

Beginner’s luck

If we are during a unequivocally commencement of your pattern career, it’s kind of tough to offer services to others, generally if we are lacking a correct portfolio. Most times folks aren’t going to give we a possibility if they don’t know we or know your work. The best approach to counterattack this to make your initial customer yourself.

Let’s contend for example, we are a striking engineer who would like to offer their services to a public. Well, to start off, we feel like we need to imitation adult some business cards since you’d like to give them to some friends, family, and colleagues. That’s a good idea, though if we don’t have any work to uncover for, how are they going to know your work? Take a time out to unequivocally emanate your possess business label and whatever other pieces we feel like we need to offer your services. There’s no need to run and fist a template if we can do it yourself.

As we are articulate about personal projects radically for your services and for promotional purposes, don’t forget that it’s excellent to emanate unpractical art and put it in your portfolio. There’s this preconceived notion that all work in your portfolio has to be paid customer work, though that is a falsehood. It’s excellent to emanate a ridicule up, or some arrange of unpractical art to let your viewers see what we are means of. Whether we are a amateur or not, if there is a new technique we wish to try out and uncover off, make something up. It’s totally excellent to supplement talented work to your portfolio. It could utterly presumably be a work that gets we in with a client!

Growth and technique

Doing personal projects unequivocally buys we time inside of whatever module it is that we competence use. No matter your how good we consider we are or how good others consider we competence be, it’s always good to have use underneath your belt. Being concerned with your personal projects allows we a event to grow and be plain in your qualification and allows we to turn some-more informed with techniques.

One thing that is intensely critical to designers of all types, is their workflow. You competence be an overwhelming web designer, though we don’t wish it to be a pain in a boundary to get finished what it is that we need to get done. Personal projects assistance we figure out your workflow improved since when you’re operative on your possess things, (hopefully) we aren’t as despotic on yourself and we feel some-more giveaway to emanate (than say, if we had a vast near-deadline client). With your customer work we wish to try to be neat and tone inside a lines—hopefully we disencumber a reins a bit when it comes to your possess artistic projects.

Growth in whatever we do is necessary. Developing your technique and your workflow inside your programs of choice is positively required to a success of what you’re doing.


Along with practicing and streamlining your workflow, we wish to be means to examination on some things. Experimentation, along with practice, unequivocally helps we figure out new techniques and helps we come adult with your possess style. Most times with consecrated projects, we aren’t as disposed to experiment, though with a possess personal projects, investigation should be heavily employed and looked brazen to.

Depending on your aim audience, a work we finish adult doing could be intensely repetitive. You competence be famous for a approach we put together unequivocally clean, minimalistic web designs. There’s no tainted there, though it’s good to be means to step outward of yourself if necessary—if not to supplement a skill, afterwards to be means to have a ubiquitous trust of pronounced skill.

You competence also have a ability set that is closely associated to another—there competence be times where we are asked to lift out those tasks by a client. Now it’s all adult to we either or not we wish to boost your skills, though it is good to be means to examination and investigate so that we have some idea about associated skillsets. As a despotic striking engineer myself, we don’t know a ton about web development, though we have experimented adequate to know what works and what competence not work. we have adequate trust to know, if we can’t do a task, we can indicate we in a right direction. This is what investigation can do for you.

Added personal touch

What we consider is many critical about doing your possess projects is a personal hold and season that’s put on it. Yes, we can tell someone your character and a things that we like though no one can unequivocally execute it and put it down as best as we can (especially if we have a ability to do so). Most times, a work that is finished for yourself is and can be a initial that people see of you. Are we excellent with that initial clarity being work someone else has finished for you?

It also creates clarity that if we are famous for a specific talent to lift out that specific talent for yourself. For example, if we are famous for building good WordPress themes and such, when we need your possess website, make it a WordPress site and rise your possess theme. That acts as a giveaway announcement and folks can know and know how good we unequivocally are. If we were to outsource your website and a customer wants a site many like yours, they’re some-more than expected going to skip out on we and sinecure a association that worked for you.

If we are in a position where we wish people to underneath your prophesy and your brand, it’s substantially best that we do as many of your possess work as possible. Quite frankly, when we outsource, many times we finish adult being lumped together with other clients that are doing identical things and afterwards we remove your celebrity and what creates we different. You never wish to risk losing that by not doing your possess personal projects.

No, don’t do personal projects

There are some designers who feel like personal projects should be finished by a third party. Much like doing your personal projects, there are some advantages to not doing your possess work. When we consider about outsourcing your personal projects, it’s best to take into caring your business strategy, your common stressors, and many more. Again, next are some reasons since some designers select to occupy others and let them do a unwashed work.

The tiny things

Simply put, giving a smaller tasks to a third celebration can unequivocally diminution your effort and your highlight levels. You can concentration on work we feel needs to be finished (things tighten to deadlines, unequivocally vast clients, etc.) and pass off smaller tasks, such as business cards and brochures, to others.

Of course, this is all with a arrogance that you’ve already rubbed a incomparable tasks, such as a website, a logo, etc. What is unequivocally renouned is to sinecure these third parties to make updates and changes as we pierce serve along with your brand. It can get to be a bit many to refurbish each singular thing yourself, generally when it competence be tough to find time—or it’s simply lost since it’s usually not that outrageous of a task; however, it contingency be done. If your personal projects seem to always need updates and changes, we competence wish to consider about outsourcing.

Time is limited

Some of us aren’t beginners and some of us are indeed swamped with tons of consecrated work. Depending on your business and your strategy, focusing on this form of work competence be all we wish to do. If that’s a case, we competence usually have a choice to have a third celebration assistance out with your personal projects.

There are times when after we feel like you’ve unequivocally gotten to a place of some success, infrequently we competence wish to re-brand. The projects we did for yourself when we usually started are no longer deputy of you, or we feel like your business is going in a opposite direction. Re-branding (especially visually) is intensely critical if what we had and where we are going are dual opposite things. Just imagine, if we are a web engineer who did energetic websites, though wants to change to concentration on mobile responsiveness, there competence be some visible re-branding we wish to do.

If your time is singular and wrapped adult by your clients, it’s substantially best that we punch a bullet and outsource. You wish to find a approach to conduct your time and your projects as best as possible.

You don’t know how

No matter how many we try to feign a despondency on some things, when it’s time to indeed lay down and emanate something we have no idea how to do it—or it usually competence not be of a peculiarity we wish it to be. We talked about how it’s good be informed with opposite skillsets, though many times, if we don’t have it, afterwards we don’t have it. And we should be informed adequate with a skillset to know when it is time to strech out to someone else.

For example, as a engineer we competence wish to emanate a promotional video for yourself. You have a good digital camera that shoots in high def, and we even have iMovie or Final Cut, though maybe that’s not utterly what we had in mind. You know we wish mixed angles and camera tricks and all forms of imagination stuff—so it sounds like we competence wish to outsource.

What we don’t wish to do is highlight yourself out by perplexing to learn a totally new ability while perplexing to emanate something we know we wish to use. It’s a good approach to learn though it’s also one of a quickest ways to get stressed—you have to establish if that’s value it, generally if we have a raise of customer work to do and you’re perplexing to fist years value of trust into a tiny personal project.

A opposite outlook

It’s easy to get held in a act of regulating a same techniques, same programs, and same workflow that we use constantly. Now, there’s zero wrong with being fit though there is an emanate when all your work starts to demeanour and feel a same. There is a excellent line between carrying a character and carrying a same base, usually changing a thing or two. If we feel like all your work is looking flattering many a same, we competence wish to call on an outward opinion.

Even if we are formulating work that does not demeanour different, it is good to have a opposite opinion. Many times, it’s tough for us to step outward of a roles and see a many bigger picture. Having an outsider’s opinion can go far, not usually by a demeanour and pattern of things though also in assisting we figure some things out with your code and services. Outsourcing your work doesn’t have to usually be about giving someone else your workload, though it can also be a partnership that helps pierce your personal visions further.

Which one?

Both of these ‘methods’ sound so simple, though a law is, a lot of designers make a garland of mistakes by selecting to outsource or not to outsource. we don’t trust we have to hang to one routine since both are suitable depending on your conditions and strategy, though it is critical we use a right one during a right time.

Doing your personal projects is totally adult to we and your capabilities, though if we are a engineer of any arrange and have some arrange of ubiquitous knowledge, we should really have some arrange of palm in your personal projects. I’m not usually articulate about revelation someone what we wish to do, though indeed doing something and being a vast partial of a artistic process.

Ultimately, with whatever work we are doing, we don’t wish to highlight or bake yourself out. If that means we have to pass some work along to someone else, do that. You wish to make certain we take as many caring of your creativity as possible.

Kendra Gaines is a freelance engineer from Virginia, USA. Connect with her.

Do we cite to work on all your personal projects or not? When have we outsourced?