12 Creative Web Applications for Creative People


Photoshop is still one of the most complex photo editing tools out there. Though the web is loaded with Photoshop tutorials and people have become accustomed to using Photoshop, there is this section of digital art lovers that are afraid of Photoshop. Somehow it seems over stuffed with options. It was to win over this genre of end-user that various web-based applications popped up and slowly became famous. We have already covered plenty of such tools but somehow the list seems to be growing exponentially. This article will list some of the new (and some that were missed earlier) tools that make our lives exciting. I will start with web-based tools for designers and then include few A.V. based tools to keep you intrigued.

1. CloudCanvas

CloudCanvas mostly targets the vector drawing based lovers. Every stroke of yours in CloudCanvas will become more like an object instead of just a pixel. This feature enables designers to scale their objects and give them the desired shape. It helps to expand the end-user’s level of thinking. CloudCanvas gives you the chance to animate your drawing and add effects to them. One can import ClipArt and other graphics to improve the end results. All-in-all CloudCanvas is one web-based application that will not leave you disappointed.

2. Flame

Flame is for true artists. It is an experimental project of Peter Blaskovic who was born in 1975. His application, Flame, is one web-based application that can be used by designers to create wonderful results. Flame gives you the room to do whatever you want with a design and expand its horizons. It’s backed by a very easy to use GUI which makes your life a lot more easier. Dive into the world of Flame and be amazed by its capabilities. Let us know what you did with Flame.

3. Viscosity

I haven’t seen a tool like Viscosity before. This tool lets you start with a simple set of colors which can later on be distorted to create effects that are simply jaw dropping. The end result generated by this tool is worth admiring.  If you are a believer of abstract art then Viscosity is just the best tool for you to use. Viscosity gives the end user the opportunity to move each pixel on the screen in order to fine tune the end result and also to give new meaning to a design.

4. PhotoCopa

PhotoCopa is one application that will help you extract color information from any image super quick. The tool gives you the option to upload your own image or use Flickr to opt for the image that you need to analyze. PhotoCopa have their own online community of Color Lovers where one can showcase their choice of pallettes for display and appreciation. Remember, we also want to see your experiment so if you have anything interesting then the comment section below is all yours.

5. Odosketch

Odosketch happens to be one of the cutest of all the applications that we are going through in this list. Odosketch focuses more on sketching images and replaying your art work. The amount of choices provided by Odosketch and the number of examples that are shared by other users are enough to inspire you to come up with something of your own. If it is unique and inspirational then you can publish that on Odosketch and let others admire your hard work. Browse the best sketches from the masters and draw some of your own. Do let us know what you sketched!

6. FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer is one of the advanced web-based applications that expands the horizons of an end-user. This online digital photo editor comes loaded with advanced effects that were previously available only if you bought costly software. FotoFlexer runs on flash so you might be disappointed if you do not have flash on your machine. One can upload an image of any size in FotoFlexer and start editing it. FotoFlexer is designed to add multiple layers of an image with grace. The advanced features of FotoFlexer are all available for free which exponentially increases the value of this tool.

7. Picture2Life

Picture2Life is another online photo editing tool that provides multiple features to keep you intrigued. Picture2Life smartly promotes some of the basic features that are part of this tool like creating collages, animating the uploaded photographs and performing basic edits. This tool is free and that makes it worth at least a shot. One has the opportunity to add various effects to their images like Fading Edges and various other effects to bring their images to life. Try the tool and let us know how effective it was in your quest for the ultimate photo editing tool.

8. LunaPic

LunaPic is one of the very few HTML based image editing tools. Henceforth, don’t be surprised if you find the tool serving only a few very basic purposes. LunaPic will not be able to distinguish various layers in your image which is quite sad. It has a 4 MB restriction and the only reason it’s really on this list is because it can be run without flash, which is not the case with most of the web-based image editing tools that I am aware of. LunaPic can be used for some of its unique effects like the Fire effect and reflective water effect. Have fun using LunaPic.

9. Pixenate

Pixenate is another old school HTML based photo editor that comes loaded with basic photo editing features. As Pixenate uses basic HTML so any browser will run Pixenate without any issues. You will not require flash to run Pixenate! This is one tool that can be used for quick photo editing and printing of the results. The maximum size of an image that can be uploaded to Pixenate is 10 MB which can be restrictive at times. Also, as expected, Pixenate does not support layers.

Now, let us get a bit off track and discuss web-based tools that aren’t really for web designers but very important for us all, as music is the best medicine. 

10. Indaba Music Mantis

Indaba Music Mantis is one community of music producers which gives you the platform that can be used to smoothly remix some very famous artists and their best work. Mantis is actually the tool that does all this and is provided (and maintained) by Indaba. One can cut and edit sample sound files. Mantis provides the options to apply various sound effects to these cut files and comes up with astonishing results. Make them your cellphone’s ringtone if you like your work.

11. Skale Tracker

Skale (not “Scale”) is one music based web application that will keep your engrossed for a long time. In this tool music is created by things called as trackers. The tracker is programmed to read data from input tables and then output music as per that data. Skale Tracker is one of the very few online trackers that will keep you busy. I had to close my browser window quickly because I did not want to get addicted. See if you are able do the same.

12. YouTube Editor

How do you expect me to make a list of creative web-based applications and not include a YouTube video editing tool. It is customary just because of the popularity that YouTube has achieved. The online YouTube Editor can be used to add YouTube videos and add various soundtracks to your videos. YouTube editor comes loaded with plenty of transitions that can be used in your own videos. The app is pretty easy to use as most of the features in YouTube Editor are drag and drop.


I agree that we have already covered many of the web based applications but as you can see, this list contained some of the applications that we had missed out before. Some of these applications might be old while few are new and very exciting. Share your experiences with these apps and let us know if you have any other tools that we can cover.