Charity and Non-profit Websites: Some tips and experiences from ZT Charity Responsive Joomla Template


You are working for a charity, non-profit organization, foundation, education or any kind business?

From the position of a web-designer, you are considering how to make your website stand out of the others to appeal more and more people to track your social activities, to be involved in your organization and result in donating money?

With the pride that since releasing our excellent ZT Charity Responsive Joomla Template, ZooTemplate has received many of good feedbacks from customers and are pleased to introduce it to help you fulfill  the dream. As there are some rules that your website is to be included to be good, here will be some tips and experiences to maximize the template’s best features and make your website perfect.

Perfect for any kinds of Charity and Non-profit website

Our ZT Charity has been created with passion to be well fitted with all kinds of Charity, Non-profit and Church websites.

On the basis of Zo2Famework, ZT Charity is inclusive of many powerful features that will not only help your visitors to have a general look about your mission, goals, achievements at their first look on it, but also inspire them to track your organization’s activities, support and result in donating money. Zo2Framework comes with Drag & Drop Layout Builder, features responsive web design, twitter bootstrap framework will help your website if on  this Joomla template be beautiful, professional and realistic.

Larger ZT layer slider

It is supposed that you should even appeal your visitors at their first glance by letting them have a general look about what your organization is about. Therefore, ZT Charity’  Layer Slider- a powerful Joomla Extention,  supports you with powerful slideshow that allows you to add as many slides as you want. You can easily show all goals, images and information of your projects on such large images, big sized fonts, amazing transition and beautiful visual effects.


Custom HTML with position of tabs to reduce space  and time

On some narrow screens, you can create and configure custom HTML Module to divide projects, group information and full details of each in the smart, scientific and brief way like this:


Ensures web experience and visualization quality that benefits from rich markup and compatibility

Now you can set your colors, background images, change fonts, change layouts, create complex layouts with full of information to clarify:

  • How sponsors will be helping:

If you are transparent with how you spend sponsors’ donations then they are going to be a lot more trusting of you


  • How to donate with a prominent and obvious “Donate button”.

People who comes to your website with the intention to make a donation will be much happier to see the donate button on a vision of your front page and in the contrast color with the background  like this. And you even made those who just come for a look around possibly decide to give few quid on a whim.


  • Donations to date:

Regular update to inform supporter of how money was spent, how close to completing your goals you are so that Current sponsors get to see how useful they’ve been while possible sponsors can see that there are other people already helping and the campaign is active.


  • How to keep in touch to make sure they can help beneficiaries:


Amazing ZT Tab and ZT News

There are a lot of Joomla Extensions built-in this responsive Joomla Templates.  Especially, with this product, our HTML5 & CSS3 Animations enables you show as many pictures as possible, information of what are your past, current and future charitable and non-profitable activities, how everything actually works and how they can visualize who they are helping.


Besides, our ZT Charity is a fully responsive template, which enables users to view on large monitors, laptops, tablet devices, and smartphones and supplies you with tons of shortcode letting you quickly and easily put together great content and sharp layouts.

So have you a web-designer had your own answer for your dream of how to alert people important issues happening in the world, and inspire more and more people to do charitable activities? Let’s check out our demo to have your own experience!

Last but not least, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave comment in the box below or  contact us ZooTemplate for more information!

Thank you!