The basics of Joomla: Articles & Categories


Building content for a website is never an easy task to attain. Nowadays, with the improvement of the technology, you can save a lot of time on this hard work, for example by using a CMS. Joomla with a system of Articles and Categories can help you to manage your content. You are the new to Joomla community and you have no idea about these marvelous things then this blog is for you. Just enjoy it!



Articles will be used to publish your content to a page. Every single page, which has a title and specific information about can be called an article. Of course, an article can not include any ones else as parts of them. They are separated and wrapped by a category.

Categories consist of one or more articles to define a topic. There may be also some sub-categories added in to provide more divisions for the topic. Many people think categories are so easy to manage but the others may find this harder.

To sum up, an article is like a paper you public your paragraph and a category is like a binder with multiple divisions for you to keep the related papers.


Effective Article Manager

Have you imagined how to find a desired article without categories? The older articles are published, the harder you will feel. Now, no matter how much articles in your website, you will find the looked-for more easily just by knowing which category it belongs to. Unquestionably, if you want to enlarge the knowledge about a topic, you can find all associated articles just by some mouse-clicks.

Good-looking Blog Layouts

Layouts also known as Menu Item Types can make it very easy to show up articles from a certain category. Once a new article are created and assigned to categories, they will automatically get on well with the page with the parameters you have set for each page before. Editing, fixing more than one article in a while can be done.


Mentioned above, categories for articles are created to group your content superior. This can be managed just with some steps:

Step 1: To add a new category, you need follow the path: Content -> Category Manager -> Add New Category.

create new categories

Step 2: Filling the gap then choose the green ‘Save’ button to finish.

filling the gap

From this moment, you can add any new articles to your website for this recently created category.



There are some misunderstandings you may catch when working in this section:

At first, you need to know that the structure of Categories has nothing to do with the structure of the menus on your site.

Secondly, Categories may be used for many other purposes (components), such as Banners, Contacts, News Feeds, and Weblinks and they are totally different from Article Categories.

This is some basic rules about Articles and Categories you should know before altering Joomla site. If you have any related problems to wonder, comment bellow and we will solve them together!

Good luck!