Amazing Minimal Brochure Design Inspiration


Brochure for a business is very important and it gives a brand identity to the business with logo and a business card, in this post we have listed out some of the very high quality brochure designs that are very elegant and minimal in design. It is not necessary that every business should have a minimal designed business brochure but it depends for every business with its nature and services offered. Here in this post you can see the brochure designs and even purchase them if you want to. They would serve you as an inspiration to design your own.

Go ahead and find out.

1) Creative Brochure

2) Half Fold

3) Star grid work on brochure

4) Brochure for internet service provider

5) Internet service provider

6) Fashionista

7) Brochure booklet

8) Catalogue

9) A5 Brochure design

10) Walsh

11) Heather grey

12) Clean design

13) Idea Factory

14) Iride

15) Chemifs

16) Jo Gordon

17) hellovon booklet

18) Saint

19) bridal collection

20) Fashion

21) Store brochure

22) Bloomberg Art Brochure

23) Forum properties brochure

24) CNA Architects brochure

25) H3 Architecture

26) Fondation de l’Architecture

27) sentosa cove

28) Murphy institute

29) Novum Structures

30) Todd Jersey Architecture

31) Studio simple

32) Small Hotel Royal

33) Volo

34) Eco Freako

35) Huning Trade Brochure

36) Media pro

37) Creative engg

38) We Love work


40) Andrew Townsend’s Portfolio