Akeeba vs. xCloner

No matter a turn during that we work with a Joomla CMS platform, we many positively need to have a arguable backup system. Everybody wants to strengthen a time and finances that we have invested in building your website, or as is a box for many, websites.

As a forum judge there are few things that agonize my heart so many as when we come opposite a dreaded, “HELP! we consider my site has been HACKED!!!” or “URGENT! we did something and now MY SITE IS BROKEN!” form of posts. While it is not a daily occurrence it does occur some-more than one competence think. And of march this army a doubt each judge hates to ask, “Do we have your site corroborated up?” It feels like we are seeking someone who has usually crushed their automobile into a embankment or had their residence bake down if they have insurance. No matter how we word a doubt it usually seems to skip a care fitting for such moments of despondency or tragedy.

Yet, a law of a matter is that there is tiny that can be finished when your site has possibly been compromised or files have been deleted, unless we have a new backup.

Understanding this competence be common believe among seasoned website designers. But in box we have not taken this seriously, let me be clear, a backup member on your Joomla site, while reduction voluptuous than a cold picture thing-a-ma-bob that gives your site that special bling, is THE MOST IMPORTANT EXTENSION ON YOUR SITE. Understanding how it functions and being assured that if a inconceivable happens, we can solve a problem in mins not days is of vicious importance.

So what now? Well as a observant goes ‘an unit of impediment is value a bruise of cure’. Let’s take a demeanour during some of a options accessible to Joomla site implementers. The following are a integrate of backup member options that make a intensity of a disaster a non-issue, Akeeba and XCloner. Both have some good traits that are value looking during when deliberation that competence be best for your site.


Many are informed with a initial one on a list “Akeeba Backup”. Akeeba is a unequivocally good member right out of a box. Simply implement it, run a config wizard, and in many cases we are prepared to make a arguable backup with a singular click.

Akeeba Conig Wizard

Akeeba automobile pattern in process

Akeeba one-click backup

Akeeba comes installed with configurable options that concede we to simply control things such as; how many backups are stored on your server, how many record space backups are authorised to take adult on a server before aged ones are deleted, repository cue protection, mixed repository record formats to select from, new chronicle recover notification, one-click update, unequivocally user accessible interface, and many more.

Akeeba Control Panel

Akeeba Kickstart

Redeploying your site with Akeeba is unequivocally easy as well. It is usually a matter of formulating your new MySQL database usually like we would with a new site and afterwards uploading your backup along with a kickstart.php file. Browse to a kickstart.php record on your site and follow a clearly educated step by step implement process. In my knowledge this works though fail.

The facilities listed progressing are all partial of a free component. There are even some-more good facilities accessible in a “Professional” book such as cloud behind adult capability that brings us to a other backup member on a list.

XCloner Control Panel

“XCloner” is a reduction famous backup member that functions unequivocally good though does need some pattern to be prepared to make backups. However, it has some facilities in a giveaway chronicle that are usually in a veteran chronicle of a Akeeba Backup component, especially a cloud backup option.

XCloner Cron Config

This is a unequivocally good underline and is simply configured. You can possibly send backups around FTP (file send protocol) to directly to Amazon’s S3 (simple storage service). This means it can be simply setup to take backups automatically on a set report regulating CRON and afterwards store them off site. Which means we can have backups stored with excess in box of some inconceivable disaster that hits both your mechanism and a web host’s server during a same time. While it is not as good documented as a Akeeba backup member it does have true brazen support during a turn adequate for someone to get make good use of a product. One thing unequivocally good about a giveaway chronicle of XCloner is that it is unequivocally easy to emanate many opposite CRON (automated) backup configurations.

How is that useful? Well, we am blissful we asked. For example, we have a site setup to take backups once a week and send them around FTP to a FTP Server on my home bureau server that uses XAMPP (tweaked a bit to concede outward FTP access); and we have a same site set to send backups to my Amazon S3 comment 3 times a week.


There is a lot to be pronounced for palliate of use. The backup and replacement routine for Akeeba is clearly a easiest between a two. While a combined underline of cloud (or off site) backup capabilities during no assign is appealing quite for those tiny side business and/or non-profit sites that can't join each prolongation bar available. However, if we can means a reasonable responsibility of a Akeeba veteran or fine packages, we impute we to a matter we done progressing in this article.

“…the backup member on your Joomla site………is THE MOST IMPORTANT EXTENSION ON YOUR SITE. Understanding how it functions and being assured that if a inconceivable happens, that we can solve a problem in mins not days is of vicious importance.”

Whichever choice we select it is critical that we spend as many time as is required to turn assured that, if your site has a disaster of any kind, we can keep down time to a minimum. Backing adult is important, though usually as critical is being means to fast redeploy your site regulating a backup. Make it a indicate to use this until it is not a problem to redeploy in minutes, not days.

jfyi, we can use both if we like.

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Chris Davis

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