4 Ways To Make Visitors Become Your Crazy Fan


Which is the main goal of your business? Just satisfy your customers’ demand or more? Certainly, every entrepreneur wants his/ her customers happy and rave continuously about the brand. It will not too hard to achieve as you are thinking. Some small tips can make your customers to come back to your store again and again. Here are 5 of them for you to make visitors your crazy admirer:

4 Ways To Make Visitors Become Your Crazy Fan

Jump at any chance to receive customer feedback

Feedback is the best thing to help you recognize problems and fix them. Some companies only give out feedback questionnaires in form of leaflet but the result is really poor. Someone suggests using the purchase receipts as a guaranteed point of contact then have conservation with them later for the feedback. Another way you should follow is making use of survey social network through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. By this way, you can also draw your visitors’ attention to your promotion campaigns.

Make customers’ feedback visible

Reviews are hundreds times important than your advertisement. You have nice feedbacks from the users, why don’t you make use of them? It sounds really easy with online media. Design an eye-catching feedback box then link it to other sites like Amazon or Trip Advisor to make them public. Others may think it useful and trust your business.

Get geo-social

Have you been fascinating at Starbuck and want to tell your friends about this? Your customers are the same. When your customer has experience at your store, give them chance to check in. Up to now, check in function has been integrated in many social networks: Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram… Why don’t we make it our benefit?

Make your site smooth on any devices

In the century of mobile, people tend to prefer handheld devices so your website must run beautifully in more than one screen: laptops, tablets, smartphones…. In actual fact, Responsive is one of the most popular website design trends. Responsive templates are available all corners of the world so you can save a lot by choosing one. Not only responsive in design, templates are built professionally with many up-to-date functions. In our opinion, they are worth investing.

Finally, you may feel everything is not as difficult as you have imagined. You can market your customers’ emotions just by some small tips. It will be our pleasure if you practice these tips and share with us our results.

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