30 Android Apps Worth Downloading This Year


Android is becoming really popular. As more smartphone companies use the Android operating system, users grow the same number too. That just means that more and more Android apps are being developed as the operating system picks up popularity, which is why it becomes really difficult to choose the best apps for your phone.

You can’t really try every single application just to find the perfect fit. That would entail a lot of time, and we don’t have a lot of that. That is why, we looked into a lot of Android applications and picked 30 apps that you shouldn’t miss. These were selected according to how useful they will be to you, either you’re a web designer or just a mere android user.

Here they are!

Android Firewall


Android Firewall assures that an app that causes too much unneeded data transfer is addressed. This app is filled with features that will surely satisfy network fans!

App Dialer


App dialer is the fastest way to launch your favorite apps. Save some on-scree taps using this app. Say goodbye to tiring swiping as you look for your apps. Now, you can just launch them easily. Now, if you are running a paid version of Nova Launcher, I suggest you should try replacing the app drawer icon in your dock with this app. In order to activate it, swipe it up.

Auto Hide Soft Keys


Auto Hide Soft Keys app allows you to hide the navigation bar and toggle it to show and/or hide. Note that it only hides the navigation bar in the phone UI but keeps the notification bar.



Cerberus is a security and tracking Android app and it’s advanced in all means. It runs in the background and creates a list that helps you manage your phone’s security features. You can track your lost phone and automatically sends you an email each time someone tries to unlock your device.



Clipper bridges simplicity and power when it comes to clipboard management and history. This Android app automatically remembers everything you have copied. You can access Clipper anytime from the notification bar. You can even organize them.

DashClock Widget


Hate the default lock screen clock widget? Try DashClock! This app gives you instant access to your current local weather, missed calls and unread texts and emails.

Easy Voice Recorder


Easy Voice Recorder transforms your recordings into fun, simple and easy experiences. You can use it in meetings, recording personal notes. It has no time limit and no ads!

File Manager 


There is no question as to what this app does. With File Manager, you can now find, browse, move, compress and organize all the contents of your phone and card.



For article-lovers out there, this magazine-type app is your best tool! Flipbard is the most popular way of catching up on the latest news and stories from around the world. You can add stories from NY Times, People Magazine and more.

HD Widgets


HD Widgets contains over 100 beautiful widgets for all devices, each organized by sizes. You can now add clock, date, location, weather, and utility switches in your device.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder


This app transforms  your daily recordings into high-quality MP3 files. You can now record songs, music, talks or even concerts using hi-fi 44kHz audio sampling. It’s like recording something professionally.

Home Budget


HomeBudget is an Android app focused on tracking your expenses, income, bills and other financial obligations. It gives you support for budgeting your monthly income and produces helpful graphs that will ease your way.

JuiceDefender Ultimate


JuiceDefender is a power management app focused on extending your battery life. This app comes with smart functions as it automatically manages battery-draining components like WiFi and 3G.



Read on your Android device anytime, anywhere. Kobo is a very nice app for reading fanatics as you can choose from over 3.5 million eBooks, for FREE!



Mint is the best free way to manage your finances via mobile device. It collects your personal financial accounts in one place so you can manage them wherever you are. You can even track your budget and, hopefully, save more.

Nova Launcher Prime


Bored of the default home screen of your device? Try Nova! Nova Launcher Prime is a highly customizable and performance driven alternative for the default Android home screen.

Out of Milk


Out of Milk is a great To-Do list app for your Android Device. It is very intuitive and easy to use. Using this app, you can now take your list anywhere you go without even fearing of losing it.



Readmill is an app for book lovers. Read and share eBooks that you read using this app.

Shush! Ringer Restorer


Want to turn off your ringer for a movie then turn it on afterwards? This might help you. Shush is activated when you silence your ringer using the volume buttons. You can time how long you want it on silent mode.



Sidebar is a fast, functional and fluid app for your Android device. Using this app, you can now access your favorite apps by simply swiping from the edge of the screen.

Simple Redial NC


Simpe Redial NC is a simple but great redial application. You can now call the last number you dialed without any confirmation boxes.



Soundhound is an Android App with blazing features. With this app, you can experience fast music recognition, liver lyrics and much, much more.



Spotify is an instant access to the music world. With this very easy to use Android app, you can listen to artists and albums, create your own playlist and discover excellent and new music.

Startup Manager


Want to disable startup items in your Android device? Try this app. It disables unneeded apps and optimizes your phone or tablet’s performance.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard


SwiftKey is dubbed as a mind-reading keyboard. It makes touchscreen typing faster and easier. You can even customize your keyboards.



Tasker is an Android App which performs tasks based on time, date, location event or even gesture all in user-defined profiles or timers in the home screen widgets.

TextSecure Private Messenger


TextSecure is a messaging application that gives  you privacy while communicating with friends. You can instantly avoid SMS fees, create groups and share media privately. Feel free to text what you want.

Titanium Backup


Titanium Backup is an Android app that enables you to backup, restore and freeze your data. You can move your apps to your SD card without fearing that they will go crazy. Get this app now.



If there is one Android camera app that you’ll surely love, VSCO Cam comes in first. With professional-looking filters, you can now turn your seemingly hideous photo into something worth sharing.



Waze is a fun way to navigate.  You can save time as you see the traffic levels in different places uploaded by the other drivers. With this app, you can report accidents, hazards and help other drivers!


I hope you had fun looking at these Android apps. Feel free to put them in your phone. Let’s use our Android devices to increase our productivity, security and, of course, have a great time!