2015: How to get top 10 rankings on Google


Google Update changes every hour that sometimes it causes many troubles for you to keep your current ranking position. However, now, you are no longer worried about it with our below tips:

Get your key word along with its price

First of all, choose the right niche along with right key word. As it is a vital step, make a competition research and find out what your keyword should be, how many links you need and how much it will cost you. Doing this research carefully may help you save even thousands of dollars!


Detailed link building plan

This step includes preparing a detailed link building plan and building link in a gradual but steady way. Getting a detailed and excellent plan decides 50 % of your work so taking into your account as full related information and aspects as possible.


Building links

Building link is a vital step that you have to take into much consideration. As your plan may be good, however, on practicing, you are still be stable and careful with your campaign. It’s also recommended that you should start your campaign with low PR backlinks (PR1-PR4), and then, in 1-2 months to start acquiring backlinks with higher PageRanks (PR5-PR7); get backlinks with different, unique anchor texts & multiple different keywords; use synergic effect of Google Penguin 2.0 when 1800 links can make you rank #1 for 25000 of keywords; surround your links with some keyword-rich content; get backlinks from pages with various Google PageRank; and 20% of links should point to the inner pages of your website.


On-page Optimization

To creat a proper on-page SEO, you have to creat at least 50 unique pages, fill them with only unique content and get rid of all the duplicated content. Besides, let optimize your website with your targeted keyword and upload a sitemap on Google. These methods will bring you  a lot of good gaining for your campaign.


Understand some facts

  • Using only targeted purchased links is not enough, get variety of other backlinks
  • Google ignores links, which are younger than 3 months old. So if yours stayed alive for less then this period of time, there will be no results.
  • Don’t let your backlink profile be over-optimized with exact anchor text match
  • Make sure to increase your traffic along with the number of backlinks.
  • Your ranking may dance: drop down, improve, again drop down and again improve, etc. However , everything will go fine.

Never give up before you complete your plan

In SEO, if you do something right now, you’ll see the results from this only in a couple of months, but not tomorrow or even in a week, there’ll always be several months of delay.


Tracking result and remember 3 important things

You had better expect to see rankings improvement from your link building campaign and not traffic increase, automatically track your site ranking changes throughout the first 100-200 search results,  and keep your link building plan until it’s fully completed before you decide how well it works. This is a final but very necessary in turning your campaign into success.


These above tips are all of the same importance so in case you ignore any of them, your dream of getting ranked in Google Top 10 will fail.