20 Useful Tools, Stencils and GUI Kits for Android Developers


Android is Linux formed handling complement used for mobile phones. For a developers, a record provides an open height to bin all new apps for a developer’s personal use. Using a accumulation of Cell phone devices, a developers can built applications for their uses. Useful collection and kits assistance a android developers to pattern applications and developments in brief time, though with improved interface and familiar designs. Unlike Apple tools, Android kits are not really widespread. Tools for android developers are extensive and they concede a developers to request their creativity.

Android honeycomb Stencils and blueprint sheets: Released earlier, this kits for Android has already combined a hum among a iphone users. When we download a kit, we are ostensible to ridicule upbeat your iphone designs in your possess way. To give a androids a opposite touch, a users contingency try a Android honeycomb and Stencils and Sketch sheets. This modernized apparatus have been designed to support a iphone tablets, that are about to recover in entrance months. Boost adult your conceptualizing ideas and blueprint tem simply with a assistance of this good grown kits. Check online for a seashore and other information on a tools.

App inventor: this sold apparatus is partial of Google lab. The collection capacitate a users to learn building a apps approach from a experts. You don’t have to work tough to rise your conceptualizing ideas. Just set adult a mechanism and upload a tools, it is indeed a kind of tutorial. It revised discipline on simple app building ideas. With a assistance of anxiety material, accessible with a tool, a users strech a subsequent turn but any hiccups. Show your apps to other users and check out how app contriver works, as is easy to bond others with a assistance of these sold tools.

Fireworks template for androids, Android phone GUI kits, Android Sketch stencils are also really good grown sensor stimulator are few dignified collection and kits for android developers. Sensor Stimulator is java formed standalone application. It stimulates a bury information and send out them to Android emulator. At present, a collection support other functions as well. They are: 1. Simulates accelerometer, compass, and course sensors, as good as a heat sensor. 2. Mobile device can be rotated and changed by a rodent or sliders. 3. Supports all functionality that a Android Sensor classes provide (enabled / upheld sensors, sensor refurbish rates). It is no some-more an requirement to rise a apps, whenever we like it.

Tools and Kits for Android Developers

Android 2.2 GUI

Android 2.3 GUI

Android 2.0-2.1 GUI

Android Sketch Stencil Version

Sensor simulator description


Honeycomb Stencils Sketchsheets

Android Interaction Design Patterns

Android GUI PSD Vector Kit

Google Android

Google sequence one V2 Templates

Google Nexus One Template

HTC G1 Dream Smartphone .PSD


Android: Search toolbar

iDroid icons for Android

Android Application Icons Set

:icons: Breathe

Android Icons Set 2 Templates