16 Free WordPress Plugins to Create and Manage Multi-Author Blogs


Inviting other bloggers and writers to become co-authors in Multi-Author Blogs is a way to increase one’s blog. Assume that the enrollment of writer’s part is being taken care of; the subsequent huge problem one could be facing is management.

It’s often a challenge to keep co-authors in check, so that they can write quality content on the topic assigned , ensuring they do not miss anything before hitting the publish key, etc. Fortunately there are numerous WordPress plugins and resources out there to assist owners and managers to manage co-authors.

Sometimes some authors should have a higher access over the matter than others through WordPress plugins for multi-author blogs like Role Manager which allows to control roles and access for different author. WP-group-restriction is a WordPress Multi-Author Blogs Plugin that improves the current user role feature and the Adminize plugin changes the administration backend and gives you the power to assign rights on certain parts. Communication is perhaps the greatest aspect in any successful multi-author blogs. it promotes sharing of ideas, getting each other mutually inspired, it also help prevent having 2 authors clasing on writing the same blog topics.

When co-authors write for your blog proper credits on authors are significant, it shows how much you appreciate their work. If you have more than 5 authors on a particular blog, managing the daily published entries can be boring especially when rules and checklists are not correctly given. Under these situations some WordPress plugins for multi-author blogs are below.

Create and Manage WordPress Multi-Author Blogs

Future Posts Calendar

Adds a simple month-by-month calendar that reflects all the months you have future posts for, it focuses the days you have posts for.

Co Authors

Allows multiple authors to be linked with a post.

Share Notes on Dashboard

If your blog is with multiple persons, you can leave a message for the others. In the plugin file, you can decide what abilities a user must have to read the notes, and what capabilities he must have to write/modify them.

Multi Author Comment Notification

This feature allows sending comment notification to not only the specific author of the post, but to other authors of the blog as well. Also blog owners can send private emails to other authors.

Author Advertising

This plugin allows blog admins to create a revenue sharing program utilizing one of the many advertising programs out there i.e. Amazon, Google Adsense, Yahoo, Allposters etc.



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