12 Responsive Magento Themes of December 2014


As the last month of 2014 has just come, we are here today so exciting to give you with a quick look of Magento themes which are most powerful in technique and unique in design that can take your ecommerce website to the next level. They are 12 most popular Magento themes of the month, moreover, will be the basis for an innovation of the upcoming year.

MT Five

MT Five is a multi –purpose Magento theme well fitted for Clothes, Watches, Accessories shop. As soon as released by ZooExtension, this theme has received a great number of good feedback from users because of its most powerful features, stable quality, functionality, and eye-catching design. Based on minimalistic and simple style, MT Five give you a feeling of smart, slight, and satisfactory with large & vibrant background image, mix &match typography, flat UI, long scrolling and more, which are great options for a perfect e-commerce website.



Ultimo is another outstanding responsive Magento theme which has impressive sales and stellar reviews. Ultimo is a great example of modern web design in terms of feel by using color boldly with large, flat buttons and clear images and power with advanced admin module, extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive.



Shopper is a flexible premium theme for any kind of ecommerce website. It is sleak, visually appealing and inspirational. Besides, with many awesome features, your e-commerce site will really make a statement.



Focusing on user experience and usability, to make shopping quick, easy and fun, Fortis support webmaster with a lot of features and hundreds of customization possibilities. Even without touching CSS3, the theme is still customizable thanks to so many options – powerful admin panel.



Bizarre has received a big sales recently thanks to its tons of great features and a dozen of stunning effects. The supplier has supplied you with multi choice for the most effective and successful site, including: Clothes, Paralax, Home appliance, Kids, Cars, Décor and Food store. Bizarre is a great options for you to creat a successful website which is both easy-using and powerful.



Blanco is clear, easy to customize, especially fully compatible with heavy stores which have a variety of languages and currencies to create convenience for customers around the world. Blanco is truly a premium theme for your big and popular ecommerce website.




Market is a responsive multipurpose theme, which is ideal for even digital store, hitech store, watch store, men store, women store, clothing store, furniture store, book store, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry and accessories store… This theme will surely inspire you due to its ability to diverse and highlight your website.

Market-Premium-Responsive-Magento-Theme (1)


Dresscode is a excellent theme which can satisfy you for even the most strict requirement. This magento theme is outstanding with impressing design, well structure layout. It is also easy for installation and configuration.


Black & White

Black & white is a classic template which uses black and white with some level of contract for better highlight. This theme have a unique but attractive design that make your way different among others. So it is exactly what you are searching for to start up a new ecommerce website.



Sahara has been created as a mega store Magento eCommerce solution for online stores. It shows a sophisticated however smart and modern look to be different and unique. Along with impressing design, Sahara supplies you with tons of most popular options for maximize the greatness.



Alexis is a slick sofisticated responsive Magento theme which is super neat design, really modern and high fashion skin for the website.The theme would be a perfect reflection of your magnificent products.To all visitors, this is the theme which is stable quality, high speech, easy to use functions and many more powerful features.



Celebrity is clear magneto theme template that help your make a professional but friendly using website. The theme serves you with two opposite style: light and dark that makes your site be more attractive and modern than ever. Great as a starting point for you can approach yoru success in online shopping field.

00_Preview.__large_preview1 (1)

If you are starting a website for shopping, pick Magento. And if you continue searching for something to make a successful website, lets check out all of these above themes. We are sure that all of this information help you a lot.